News from the Covenant Design Group

Kendall Harmon has posted an article from the Nassau Guardian with the latest news from the Covenant Design Group.

The group wraps up its work tonight. Here are some of Abp. Gomez’ comments:

Despite the focus on unity within community, Archbishop Gomez admits the grim outlook in some quarters of the Church.

“Some people are saying that a split is inevitable and our hope is that we can avoid a split,” he said. “Because if we end up with two kinds of, what I call, subgroups, the question is how do they relate with one another.”

The authority of scripture, the way the church exercises it authority, the way it relates with its members and the extent to which it was willing to preserve “bonds of unity” were issues that the CDG would address in addition to sexuality, Archbishop Gomez noted.

The ten-member CDG, which comprises experts in canon law, the nature and mission of the church, ecumenical relations and general theology law hopes to make an interim report to a meeting of Archbishops in Tanzania next [month].

Conceding he had not anticipated the responsibility that comes with heading the CDG as his career winds down Archbishop Gomez, who retires at the end of 2008 and expects the groups work to last at least as long said: “Definitely, this is a pivotal moment for the Anglican communion and that’s why the Archbishop [of Canterbury] has appointed this group,”

Please continue to keep this work and this group in much prayer. It is indeed crucial at this time!

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