Global Day of Prayer: 10 Days of Prayer, Day 1

Some of you may be aware of the Global Day of Prayer movement, which seeks to unite Christians around the world in prayer on the day of Pentecost, this year, May 27.

This year, there is also a 10 day prayer campaign from Ascension to Pentecost. Today, being Ascension, is Day 1 of this 10 day prayer effort. My teammates and I, as well as the local believers we work with, are participating in this effort and this morning we used the prayer themes in the 10 Day Prayer guide as part of our prayer focus in our team morning prayer time.

You can learn more about the Global Day of Prayer here.

You can download the 10 days of Prayer guide here:
Word format
Adobe PDF format

We Anglicans are desperately in need of prayer. Many Anglican leaders and bloggers are facing life-changing decisions, family crises, intense spiritual warfare. As Bishop Bob Duncan wrote in a recent letter to the Network (leaked and published on Mark Harris’ blog, Preludium):

We are living through remarkable and grievous days; recent events are only the beginning of an unfolding we all prayed would never take place. The recent and overwhelmingly passed resolutions of the House of Bishops make obvious the path The Episcopal Church desires to take. Since then I have prayed and consulted with Network Bishops, Presidents of Standing Committees, our Common Cause Partners and various allies and leaders. The time for statements is over. The House of Bishops has said to us and the worldwide Anglican Communion “we have no need of you except on our own terms.” The message has been received. The time for action has come.

The consequences to the Church will be historic and global. Unfolding events will require constancy in prayer, courage, fasting, and sacrificial giving. They will require great wisdom and loving forbearance…

Indeed prayer is needed now more than ever in the crisis faced by the Anglican Communion. I hope and pray we will use this 10 Day period to unite in fervent prayer for our leaders and our church. Here are today’s prayer themes.

DAY 1 Thursday May 17


For the transforming power of Christ’s kingdom
Concerning: spiritual darkness, church divisions, economic oppression

“…and speaking of the things concerning the kingdom of God. Gathering them together, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for what the Father had promised, ‘Which,’ He said, ‘you heard of from Me…’”
— Acts 1:3-4 (NASB)

For the Glory of Christ
• For the hearts of God’s people to blaze with love and loyal obedience to Jesus as King and Lord of all.
• For the goodness and glory of Christ’s kingly love to be experienced by many throughout whole cities.
• For Christ to gather and instruct His people from the Scriptures concerning the hope of His life-giving kingdom.

For the Blessing of the Nations
• For Christ to bring believers to dwell in cities where breakthroughs of blessing have not yet occurred. Pray that they would patiently pursue the promised blessing of Christ’s kingdom in difficult places.
• That the power of Christ’s love would bring lasting transformation throughout entire communities.

The focus on praying for hearts blazing with love for Christ reminded me of a song by Stuart Townend, “My First Love.” I’m hoping my friend BabyBlue can stream it for me on her blog later today. But whether she does or not, you can hear a sample of it or buy it at ITunes. Here’s part of the lyrics:

Verse 1:
My first love is a blazing fire
I feel His pow’rful love in me
For He has kindled a flame of passion
And I will let it grow in me.
And in the night I will sing Your praise, my Lord
And in the morning I’ll seek Your face, my Lord

And like a child I will dance in Your presence
Oh, let the joy of heaven pour down on me
I still remember the first day I met You
And I don’t ever want to lose that fire, my first love

Verse 3:
Restore the years of the church’s slumber
Revive the fire that has grown dim
Renew the love of those first encounters
That we may come alive again
And we will rise like the dawn throughout the earth
Until the trumpet announces Your return

Stuart Townend
©1996 Thankyou Music
CCLI song #1585963

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