(In front of Christ Church –State St., Schenectady on 5-31-08,
      9:20 — 10:40 a.m. Table witnesses for Him this day were Thelma Stearns, Don Foust, Torre Bissell and Deacon Alan Hart.)

a– Indicates person received anointing of Holy Oil

t — Indicates person received one of Torre’s wooden crosses

      EDWARD — Arrived just as Prayer Table was being set up. Edward is a repeat visitor to the Table; proudly showed us he is wearing his cross. Received prayer for continued grace, protection and direction from God.

      t– CRYSTAL — Wanted prayers for provision for herself, her family and her friends.

      t– JANE — Jane asked for prayers for continued good health. After the prayers as she put on her new cross, she hesitated a moment, smiled and told us “Something just made me come over here today!”

      t– PAT (a man) — Wanted prayers “for everything.” Torre prayed for Pat to seek the Lord and find his grace and provision and protection in his life, also for his family and friends.

      t– MARK — Very serious, troubled young man. Asked for prayers that he will be able to continue to make the mortgage payments on his house.

      a, t — JOHN — There is always one “special” visitor to the weekly Table who stands out as someone in special need, and that the Table obviously was there for him. Today it was John, who is visiting Schenectady from Newark, N.J. He asked that God grant him a “renewal.” He admiited he is a Christian who has been “backsliding” and was in obvious need of forgiveness from his guilt of some sin. We prayed for him to ask Jesus to forgive and forget his sins, and he was anointed to feel God’s transformation in his renewed life. Torre told John to look for signs today that Jesus is working in his life.

      t — PABLO — Stopped out of curiousity, explained right away that he does not speak English. But he understood our upraised hands and that we wanted to pray for him, so he let us pray with and for him.

      t- RAMA and her two sons, a, t —JOSE and a,t — CARLO — This adorable little family walked by and at first did not stop, but Carlo’s (boy of about 5 or 6) urging caused Mom to stop with her young son in the baby carriage. Torre prayed for an anointing of the Holy Spirit on the whole family. Both boys were anointed with Holy Oil with prayers that they would both in time come to know Jesus and to walk in His path. The mother was very grateful and pleased!

      a,t — JULIO — Middle-aged man in a lot of obvious discomfort with a metal-braced kind of splint on his right forearm and hand. He said he had fallen from a van and the fingers had been pushed back up into his hand. Received prayers for healing and soothing grace from God.

      t — MARLON — Big, muscular young man who we guessed would never stop in a million years. But when Don and Thelma called out to him, Marlon stopped! He was in need of prayer for provision and that things will get better. He said he was in a hurry, but he stopped and was glad to receive prayer.

      t–JOEY — Young man who was there because he said he is “dealing with a lot of stress.” Don prayed for Joey to be freed from stress and the anxieties of this life.

      t — ANTHONY — While we were praying for Joey, Anthony sat down in the other empty chair. We recognized him as a previous visitor to the Table. He is the one whose mother, MARIA, was in the hospital last week with a heart problem. He is happy that she was able to go home yesterday. We prayed for continued healing for Anthony’s mother.

      DANIEL — Another repeat visitor who recently requested prayer for safe travel back and forth to NYC. He is back and made the trip safe and sound. He arrived just as we were taking the Table down.

      Note: After Prayer Table, I visited JIMMY (Larry’s son) at his mother’s home in Schenectady. He was released from Ellis this week and is getting cared for at his mom’s. Jimmy is much happier being home. He told me his big goal is to become well enough to come to Christ Church someday. He wants all of you who have been praying for him to know how much he appreciates it. Believe me, I cannot tell you enough how completely sincere he is. He really, really is thankful for your prayers.

————— Deacon Alan

Albany Intercessor

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