Several Lambeth Prayer Resources

In addition to posting daily prayers for the Lambeth conference and bishops here at Lent & Beyond, those of us who blog here are also committed to finding and sharing other prayer resources that have been developed for the Lambeth conference.

Here are a few links and resources that might be of interest:

1) From the Official Lambeth Website:

A Prayer for the Lambeth conference appears on the official Lambeth home page. Jill posted that prayer here back in April. Unfortunately there does not (yet) appear to be a dedicated Lambeth prayer section on the official website (as there was in 1998). However on the Resources page there are links to several “prayer bookmarks” for the Lambeth conference. Perhaps more prayer resources will be forthcoming? Also on the Resources page is the Bible study document “Signs on the Way” which will help guide the Bishops’ reflections on the Gospel of John. From what I’ve skimmed of it, it seems to be worthwhile reading and could be helpful in shaping our prayers for the Lambeth bishops. And don’t forget the conference Program as a useful prayer resource.


2. Pray for Lambeth. Org

Browsing on Google the other day, I discovered this site PrayLambeth.Org dedicated to mobilizing prayer for the 2008 Lambeth conference. It is an initiative of SOMA UK and the Crosswinds Prayer Trust. At that site you can sign up for Lambeth prayer updates by e-mail or SMS. Also of interest, their article “Some Ideas to get started”.


3. Fr. Rob Eaton’s “Proxy Prayer Gathering” in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin

Dear friend of this blog, faithful intercessor, and occasional Lent & Beyond contributor, Fr. Rob Eaton of St. John’s Tulare in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin is organizing a “Proxy Prayer” gathering on July 27th. He’s posted detailed information at his blog Surrounded, and this could be a model for other parishes or prayer groups. This is what Fr. Rob means by “proxy prayer”:

Premise: Proxy Prayer is essentially intercessory prayer, but specifically where a small group of intercessors lays on hands on a person prepared to stand in on behalf of another person (or group, or event, etc.), thus the proxy.

Here’s more on Fr. Rob’s specific goals for Lambeth intercession:

Goal for Proxy Prayer during Lambeth: To be a thousand in common prayer at least one day during Lambeth, and during the first week. Our goal is to invite and encourage parishes and missions around the Anglican Communion (whether Anglican or not) to organize their own Proxy Prayer time focused on the Anglican Communion Provinces, preferably all praying initially on the same day, or at least on one day during the first week, so that there are at least 25 congregations involved, which would calculate to be at the least approximately one thousand (1000) people in common prayer.

The purpose of praying on one of the days during the first week is to allow for immediate responses and effects of those prayers to be evidenced at Lambeth Conference, and thus allowing for even more prayer by the proxies (either as a group again, or on their own) to follow-up while Lambeth Conference is still meeting.

Due to the demands of Vacation Bible School starting July 21st, St. John’s, Tulare, will hold their Proxy Prayer for Lambeth on Sunday, July 27th, effectively the end of the first week. We invite you to also schedule that evening, or some day before, at least.

We encourage any prayer leaders or pastors who would like to set up something similar and join with Fr. Rob in such a united prayer event to contact Fr. Rob directly: RGEaton[at]rocketmail[dot]com


We welcome information about other Lambeth prayer resources or events that are being organized. Leave a note in the comments, or contact us at

All the Lent & Beyond Lambeth prayers & resources can be found here.


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