House of Bishops

This coming Wenesday, the Episcopal House of Bishops will convene in Salt Lake City.

O Lord, Your Holy Scripture tells us that the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water. The Episcopal Church is a parched and thirsty land. You promise Your blessings to those who keep Your testimonies, who seek You with their whole hearts.
We ask You to bless all the members of the Epsicopal House of Bishops. We ask You to stir in their hearts a hunger to read Your Holy Word as they make preparations for the meeting. You know the needs of each and every bishop. Speak to each one through Holy Scripture and meet every individual at his point of need.
The Episcopal House of Bishops is a divided house, and many members have divided hearts. O Lord, have mercy.
Send Your Holy Spirit down upon them. Open their eyes to recognize those false assumptions that lead them away from You. Convict them of these false understandings. Heal their image of You. Help them to walk in Your laws and testimonies and to seek You with undivided hearts.
Bring forth springs of living water in this dry and thirsty church. We cry out for a spiritual Elim, with 12 wells and 70 palm trees. We ask this in the name of Your Son, Christ Jesus the Healer. Amen.
Isaiah 35:7, Psalm 119:2, Exodus 15:27

4 Responses to House of Bishops

  1. Georgia says:

    Amen – let the Cross and the Crucified Lord be lifted up…reveal the necessity of the Cross, the hopelessness of sinful man to save himself without the Cross and the Blood of the Savior. Silence lying lips. Silence agenda. Silence self. Let only the Living Word be heard, seen, believed. Remove the pride, the veil of self, to reveal the only Living Life-giving Lord. Glorify Thyself. Defend Thy Name. Humble us all before Thee. Thou alone be glorified in Thy Church. Amen

  2. Holy God, we weep for your church. Hear our plea for this House of Bishops. Father, your children suffer. Jesus, your body here fragments. Holy Spirit, where are you? This church’s words and actions are not those of Jesus. Remind us of what he said, teach us to understand and do it. We plead in Jesus’ Name.

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