Mordecai’s dream

An excerpt of Mordecai’s dream, found in Esther (Greek) 1.

During the second year of Xerxes’ reign, on the first day of the month of Nison, Mordecai had a dream. He dreamed that there was great noise and confusion, loud thunder, and an earthquake, with terrible turmoil on the earth. Then two huge dragons appeared, ready to fight each other. They made a dreadful noise, and all the nations got ready to make war against God’s nation of righteous people. For the world it was a day of darkness and gloom, trouble and distress, destruction and ruin. All of God’s righteous people were troubled, in great fear of what was about to happen to them. They prepared for death, but they cried out to God for help. In the dream their prayer was answered by a great river which came flowing out of a small spring.

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