Preparing for Advent — Advent 2008 Resources at Lent & Beyond


Ok all, I admit it. This and a few other posts that will appear between now and the beginning of Advent are shameless advertisements and meant to help get people’s attention, whet people’s appetites, AND to get Lent & Beyond showing up in Advent search results!

Once upon a time we were known for our special Advent & Lent series, but with the problems with our old blog site, basically we are off the map. It’s time to get back on the map. Lent & Beyond has several hundred posts of excellent Advent materials archived, and I’ve spend a lot of time the past 24 hours salvaging them all. (And I do mean ALL! — I’ve got something like 150 pages of text all now saved as 3 Word documents with all Advent posts from 2004 – 2006.) There’s so much wonderful material in those archives we want to make widely available again!

Advent 2008 at Lent & Beyond will be a mix of our old favorites, plus lots of new materials we’re already gathering.

What will you find here for Advent this year?

1) An updated compilation of over 100 links to online Advent & Christmas resources — Lectionary links (i.e. Advent reading plans), devotional sites, music and art resources, commentaries, online Advent calendars, Advent crafts, etc. We’re making sure all the links work, and digging up a few new links to add.

2) Lots of excellent Advent devotionals and quotes, from sources ancient and modern, Anglican, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant.

3) Many Advent Prayers including traditional Advent collects, and Advent Wreath lighting prayers, etc.

4) A special series of Advent Favorites — some of our favorite Advent posts from 2004 – 2006 which we’ve salavaged from our old archives.

5) A special series of Anglican Heritage posts. Brief biographies of key Anglican saints and leaders. Also, some classical Anglican prayers.

Is that enough to whet your appetites?!

Please keep checking back over the next few days.  We’ve already got 20 posts queued up set to begin appearing daily as of Nov. 30th. The excitement is building!

Pass the word. Lent & Beyond is back for Advent 2008!

Here is the category link where you’ll find all our 2008 Advent posts.

Here is the link for the Advent Favorites category we’ll be featuring this year.

If there’s something you’re trying to find, either from something we’ve posted in years’ past at our old site, or if you just need recommendations for good Advent resources, give us a shout in the comments. We’ll be glad to help.

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