An Open Thread for Advent / Advent Anglican Carnival

advent-0Last year, Stand Firm had a great idea. They posted an Advent open thread and encouraged folks to participate in an “Anglican Advent Carnival” with readers sharing their comments about helpful family Advent resources and traditions. (Amy Welborn did a similar Advent open thread in 2005 and it was great reading!)

Let’s see if we can round up lots more great ideas and resources this year:

Two questions to start the discussion:

What traditions or resources have you found to be a blessing for yourself, your family, or your church in terms of celebrating Advent?

What resources / devotionals would you appreciate seeing posted here at Lent & Beyond this Advent?

The floor is all yours!

P.S. I encourage you to bookmark this link for the L&B Advent Category. It’s where you’ll find EVERYTHING Advent at Lent & Beyond this year. (Advent favorites, devotionals, prayers, resource ideas…) Some resource posts will start appearing this week (Nov. 10th). The Advent devotionals themselves won’t start until Advent begins on Nov. 30th. It’s going to be great! I’m already thoroughly enjoying the work I’ve put into pre-posting 20+ posts for the first weeks of Advent. May the Lord help us to encourage one another and above all grow closer to Him in these weeks ahead.

7 Responses to An Open Thread for Advent / Advent Anglican Carnival

  1. Note: There is an Anglican Advent Blog Carnival happening again this year. Check out this link:

  2. I’ll post links here to all new Advent Resources posts for 2008

    Our Advent Links & Resources Compilation (An update is in progress but usable even while we work on it further)

    David Ould’s Meditations on Handel’s Messiah:

  3. Kerry says:

    Thanks so much for the link!

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