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2014 Update:

This post from 2008 is our #1 most popular entry at Lent & Beyond with over 30,000 page views!  WOW!!  Please let us know of any other good Jesse Tree resources in the comments.   If we find any good new Jesse Tree resources for 2014, we will post a separate entry and link it here.

NEW FOR 2014:  Our commenter Theresa has created a site which has a fantastic guide for making a Jesse tree with your family.  Several types of ornaments  (crafts & printables), awesome pictures and instructions, and readings to go along with each ornament.  ABSOLUTELY WORTH CHECKING OUT!!

For those of you who have found this post helpful, please share it.  Also, you may enjoy our other Advent entries, devotionals and resources here at Lent & Beyond.  Here’s our Advent Category link.



This post was originally written in 2008.   All links below have been verified to be working as of 31 October 2014.

This year I’m trying to focus on providing a lot more Advent family resources and craft ideas, etc. One obvious possibility is to make a Jesse Tree. Here are some of the Jesse Tree resources I’ve found online. Several of them are truly EXCELLENT. Take some time to check them out.


Dec. 1 Update: I’ve found two more great Jesse Tree links, including a drop dead gorgeous felt Jesse Tree banner! See our “More About Jesse Trees” post.  Note:  I’ve also provided alternate links for one of the excellent Jesse Tree sites below whose page seems to have crashed.  The archived links are working.


It’s hard to choose what order to post resources in. There are so many good ones. Let’s start with an excellent overview of Jesse Trees with ornament patterns and daily Scriptures from an Advent resources page produced by King of Peace Episcopal Church in Kingsland, Georgia since it is (sadly) the only explicitly Episcopal/Anglican resource I’ve listed in this post. (Solid Episcopal / Anglican resources are hard to find. There are many more Catholic sites, and even quite a few excellent Reformed Church Advent sites!)

A Jesse Tree

The 11th chapter of Isaiah describes the ideal king in the line of Israel’s great king, David. The first verse of that chapter says,

A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse,
and a branch shall grow out of his roots.

Jesse was King David’s father. The image of a branch growing out of the roots of Jesse points to a new king in David’s line. Christians know that this is fulfilled in Jesus, the King of Kings, who is a descendent of Jesse. One tradition is to decorate a tree branch with symbols that remember other important persons from the Old Testament. The symbols on the “Jesse Tree” remind us that our belief grows out of deep roots of thousands of years of ancestors in the faith.

One way to create a Jesse Tree is to place a suitable tree branch in a large tin can (such as a coffee can) and anchor it with rocks. Then create the symbols on construction paper. Punch a hole in the paper ornament with a hole punch. Then attach the ornament to the tree branch with yarn. Creating a Jesse Tree can be connected to an Advent wreath service by adding a new ornament each evening at the time of the service.

Symbols for the Jesse Tree draw from images in the Old Testament. Possible symbols and their scripture references are on the following page.

Jesse Tree Ornaments Online

Below are six pages of Jesse Tree ornaments for you to print and use. Each page contains four of the designs listed below for kids to color and decorate with glitter or cotton balls glued to the ornament. Copy the designs to your computer. Print the designs on card stock. Cut each page into four ornaments and you’ll have patterns for two-dozen Jesse Tree ornaments. We give permission for any non-commercial use of the designs.The files are 300dpi Bitmap (.BMP) files. You will have to be patient to download them all. I have included 75 dpi versions as .GIF files if you want to take a quick look, but they are not suitable for printing and decorating.

Page 1 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse1.bmp) (jesse1.gif)
Page 2 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse2.bmp) (jesse2.gif)
Page 3 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse3.bmp) (jesse3.gif)
Page 4 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse4.bmp) (jesse4.gif)
Page 5 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse5.bmp) (jesse5.gif)
Page 6 of Jesse Tree Ornaments (jesse6.bmp) (jesse6.gif)


Jesse Tree Symbol Suggestions for Creating Your Own Ornaments

The following list gives 25 suggestions for symbols to use in decorating a Jesse Tree along with the scripture references for the symbol. These 25 symbols would allow a new ornament to be added to the tree each day in December leading up to Christmas.

Person Symbol Scripture Passage
Adam Male Figure Genesis 2:7
Eve Female Figure Genesis 2:21-23
Noah Rainbow Genesis 9:11-17
Abraham Tree Genesis 18:1
Sarah Tent Genesis 18:9-14
Isaac Ram Genesis 22:13-14
Rebekah Camel Genesis 24:63-67
Jacob Ladder Genesis 28:10-17
Rachel Shepherd’s Crook Genesis 29:9-12
Joseph Colorful Coat Genesis 37:3
Moses Burning Bush Exodus 3:1-6
Miriam Music Notes Exodus 15:20-21
Deborah Palm Tree Judges 4:4-5
Samuel Lamp 1 Samuel 3:1-3
Ruth Straw Ruth 2:1-9
Jesse Branch Isaiah 11:1
David Harp 1 Samuel 16:17-18
Solomon Columns 1 Kings 5:2-5
Hezekiah Tablets of the Law 2 Kings 18:1-6
Josiah Book 2 Kings 23:1-3
Isaiah Throne Isaiah 6:1
Elizabeth Dove Luke 1:39-45
John the Baptist River Matthew 3:1-6
Mary Angel Luke 1:26-35
Jesus Manger Luke 2:1-7


Now for LOTS of other Jesse Tree resources

From the Reformed Church in America:

Highly recommended! Daily Jesse Tree family devotions: A Scripture verse and symbol for each day of Advent. Updated for 2008. Excellent! Instructions for making a Jesse Tree and Jesse Tree ornament symbols & patterns

The Jesse Tree Resources here are also available IN SPANISH


Jesse Tree Project 2008WOW!!! Stunning ornaments, so creative! Just go enjoy this site, it’s gorgeous! Here are the related readings for Days 1 – 15 (other readings still to be posted)


Jesse-Trees.Com — isn’t the internet amazing. A website devoted JUST to Jesse Trees! There’s a mix here of free resources and items you can download for a cost. VERY COOL, check it out!

An Index to all their resources [archived version]

Jesse Tree Devotions (free, Excellent & comprehensive) [archived version]

An Online Jesse Tree Advent Calendar (free — also looks very good)  [archived version]


The Christian Resources Institute All About Jesse Trees Page:

including: the story of the Jesse Tree

and Jesse Tree Scripture Readings


Simple Mom.Com’s Jesse Tree page [archived version]


Catholic Culture.Com:

Making a Jesse Tree

Jesse Tree Symbols:

Jesse Tree Prayer Service:


Faith Magazine’s (Roman Catholic diocese of Erie PA)

Jesse Tree page with three downloadable PDF files:

Jesse Tree reflections: (PDF); Small ornaments: (PDF); Large ornaments: (PDF)


And SO Much more…:

Domestic Church / Fridge Art Jesse Tree page (with downloadable ornaments). Also an overview of the Jesse Tree symbols:

St Michael Online: Jesse Tree Overview (archived)

Short descriptions of traditional Jesse Tree symbols from EWTN:

Good Jesse Tree Resources from Our Sunday Visitor inlcuding:

Art History and the Jesse Tree

The Geneaology of Jesus: Online Advent Calendar  (archived version)

and last… BUT certainly NOT LEAST:  Ann Voskamp has an excellent Advent Devotional ebook:

A Jesus Advent Celebration  (80 page PDF, with Scriptures, devotionals, and a small color picture that could be cut out and used an an ornament for each day of Advent)


17 Responses to Advent Links & Resources: All About Jesse Trees

  1. Make sure you check out the comments at the Jesse Tree post at Simple Mom.Com — there are lots of great Jesse Tree ideas there

    In that comment thread for instance, is a link to a Jesse Tree blog with daily devotions for VERY Young children. You’ll see a picture of each ornament, and a few verses and a one-two line “devotional” for each day. Very nice.

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  5. Georgy says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing these

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  8. Wow! Awesome site you have here!…

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  9. sdasdasd says:

    you have to include the dates
    i didn’t get what dates those infos were for

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  13. Alison says:

    Hi I really like these images and the scripture readings that go with them. However, Isaac is missing from both the sets of images…
    if you have this image could you please send it to me?

  14. Mary Ann Eagleson says:

    I have seen many of these lists, and your description says these are standardized. Does this mean these are in the public domain and I could use this without permission, or I am happy to gain permission, but don’t want to have to follow up with every one of these I sell and pay a royalty. It is unlikely that I would ever the Jesse Tree project I am developing for my church, but like to prepare anything I create for this in the event I ever get organized enough to do this. I am using my own or public domain photos, and will write my own content, securing permission for this as needed. What I am trying to find out is the actual list and symbol suggested copy written, or am I free to use your list as a public domain item.

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