An Index of all our Advent posts from 2004 (from our old site)

All of the links below should take you to readable copies of the archive of our old blog. The entries are in chronological order as posted in 2004. If you have problems with any link, please leave a comment.

A meditation on the Advent Collect — Peter Toon

Leander Harding: Advent and Hope

Lord, Revive Us! (Charles Spurgeon)

Advent thoughts from Kendall Harmon

I Am No Longer My Own (St. Catherine of Genoa)

The Servant King (Graham Kendrick)

I Am Not Worthy… (St. John Chrysostom)

An Art History Note: Lilies and the Annunciation

Not I, But Christ (Fannie E. Bolton)

Will We be Ready? (Madeleine L’Engle)

The Purity of Heart to Will One Thing (S. Kierkegaard)

The Spirit of Prayer (Andrew Murray)

Peter Toon on the Collect for Advent 2

Waiting for the Son

Advent 3: The Collects

A Prayer by Tozer

“The Spirit of Advent”

Another Great Prayer by AW Tozer

The Greatness of God (English traditional carol)

Baptists reflecting on Advent?! Longing for Christ and Expecting God to Act

“Old Anna” — An Advent Poem by John Piper

The Advent Antiphons

Today’s Advent Prayers: Advent 4

A little “ear candy” for Advent (and some reading to do while listening)

Lord, let us receive Your clear light (Hildegard of Bingen)

A Meditation on Christ, the Root of Jesse (the Rev. Paul Frey)

More Advent Antiphons

A reader replies to Kierkegaard post

The Way Out of the Desert (the Rev. Jim McCaslin)

For further devotional reading

The Way, The Truth, and the Life (Elisabeth Elliott)

The Promise (Michael Card)

4 Responses to An Index of all our Advent posts from 2004 (from our old site)

  1. Note: sometimes the internet archive site “the wayback machine” has been a bit balky for me, and I’ve not always been able to access these archived entries on the first try. If the archive link doesn’t work, you can try the Google Cache.

    For instance if the archive link is:

    copy the final portion of that link to the old lent & beyond blog into a google search box following the word “cache:” as follows:

    and hit search. That will most likely bring up the page in question

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  4. […] version. There are about 200 entries included in the indexes for the three years! Enjoy! (See also: 2004 index, 2005 index, 2006 […]

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