Index of 2005 Advent Posts (from our old site)

Our most significant Advent posts from 2005 (in chronological order as we posted them). Note, I’ve excluded posts with links to the daily Scripture readings unless there was commentary about the passages included. All of these links should be clickable and take you to archived versions of our old Advent entries. Leave a comment if you have trouble.

From Thanksgiving to Advent…

That Your name may be made holy in us

Advent 1

Henri Nouwen — An Advent Prayer

A table with Advent Readings for Year 2

Online Advent Resources: Advent Calendars

Welcome to Lent & Beyond’s Advent Devotional Series

Of the Father’s Love Begotten

Lighting the Advent Wreath

Wednesday Readings

We Are Not Alone — Martyn Minns Reflects on Advent

Wait on God that He Might Mould Us and Fill Us

Bonhoeffer: The Coming of Jesus into Our Midst

Dr. Peter Toon on Advent

Canon John Heidt: An Advent Meditation

BBC Advent Calendar is now live

An AMiA Advent Guide

Amy Welborn’s readers share ideas

An AWESOME Baptist Advent Resource

The Hope Jesus Offers

Glory, Grace and Truth: Calvin Miller

Quotable: JB Phillips

Jude 20-25

Advent Devotionals from Transfigurations


Dr. Toon on the Collect for Advent II

Anglicans Online Advent Resource Page

“Praying Advent” an Excellent Catholic Advent Resource

A Baptist from Oklahoma who gets Advent

A WONDERFUL Advent treat from the BBC

An Advent Beatitude

Henri Nouwen — Teach Me to Pray

Amos 7:7-9 and from Psalms 9 and 15

Lighting the Second Candle of the Advent Wreath

More Advent Resources: Mark D. Roberts Advent Series: “Advent and the Christian Year”

Two thoughtful Advent meditations by a Continuing Anglican

Christianity Today: Advent’s Spiritual Pilgrimage

The “Three Comings” of Jesus

Bach Advent Calendar

St. John Chrysostom: I am not worthy

Amos 8, Matthew 2, and Psalm 84

Within our grasp

A Prayer Liturgy: Advent Week 2

The latest Advent posts on Transfigurations

Come Emmanuel

Rowan Williams’ Advent Poem

Collects Week 3

Savior of the Nations Come

Advent Week 3: Walking in joy

Kendall Harmon: The Light Shines in the Darkness

Come Love, Come Lord

“No Eye Had Seen”

Advent Sonnet: Week 3

The Twofold Coming of Jesus Christ: Cyril of Jerusalem

The Antiphons of Advent

Antiphon 1: O Wisdom

Zechariah 8:4-13 and Psalm 139:11-12

Thomas A Kempis

Antiphon 3: O Root of Jesse

BBC Advent: More Kings College Choir today

The Humility of God

More about the Advent Antiphons

The Root of Patience

A nice reflection from Anglicans Online on the Antiphons

Ignatius Loyola

Antiphon 4: O Key of David

Advent Week 4: Reflection from Scotland

Antiphon 5: O Dayspring

To Watch with Christ: John Henry Newman

Titus 2:11-3:8

Luke 1:67-75

Luke 2:8-11


Abide in me, and I in you

Streaks of Red

Pray the Holy Name – for the World.


3 Responses to Index of 2005 Advent Posts (from our old site)

  1. Note: sometimes the internet archive site “the wayback machine” has been a bit balky for me, and I’ve not always been able to access these archived entries on the first try. If the archive link doesn’t work, you can try the Google Cache.

    For instance if the archive link is:

    copy the final portion of that link to the old lent & beyond blog into a google search box following the word “cache:” as follows:

    and hit search. That will most likely bring up the page in question

  2. […] are about 200 entries included in the indexes for the three years! Enjoy! See also: 2004 index, 2005 index, 2006 […]

  3. […] to 2004 Advent posts Index to 2005 Advent posts Index to 2006 Advent […]

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