Index of ALL Advent entries from 2004 – 2006

Ok all you Advent-o-philes! Dig in! We’ve done it! We’ve gone back through the archives and cached versions of the old Lent & Beyond website, and we’ve put together a listing (with hopefully working links to archived versions of each post) of ALL of our Advent entries at Lent & Beyond in 2004, 2005, and 2006. (In 2007 due to the hacker problems at our old blog we posted very little Advent stuff, and all that’s already here on this version of the blog, just dig back through the Advent Category.)

There are about 200 blog entries in these 3 Advent indexes. Enjoy!

Index to 2004 Advent posts
Index to 2005 Advent posts
Index to 2006 Advent posts

(Some of these entries will be making a reappearance here this year as part of our Advent Favorites series…, but we wanted to make the old archived links available now to everyone who might be looking for Advent devotional material or Advent resources.)

Note: the updated version of our Advent Resources Compilation is now here on this blog. I’ve not included the archived version in the 2005 or 2006 index.

2 Responses to Index of ALL Advent entries from 2004 – 2006

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  2. […] now compiled and posted an index of all our Advent entries from 2004 – 2006 from our old blog. In each case the links below should take you either to an archived version of […]

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