Preparing for Advent: A reflection on Isaiah and Simeon

One of my favorite new Advent discoveries is the Story-Formed Calendar blog. I know nothing about its author, but there are some lovely reflective meditations on this blog, and some excellent prayer resources for those who seek to follow the liturgical calendar.

Here is an excerpt from a meditation there on Isaiah & Simeon:

Last year, after reading through passages in Isaiah and then Luke 1 & 2 with our small group, I was struck with these two men – Isaiah and Simeon. They stand out to me almost as bookends of the Advent story.

One a prophet
One a devout man
Both looking.

One tells of the Messiah’s coming
One reads those prophecies
Both groan to see the fulfillment.

One lived under numerous rulers
One lived in the empire of Caesar
Both awaited a new King.

One spoke the words God gave him
One heard the words God gave him
Both lived with silence.

One told a nation
One blessed a mother
Both longed for Shalom

Read the full text here.

Lord, strengthen in our hearts a desire to wait on You, to listen to Your Word and to hunger for Your return this coming Advent season. Teach me to live in hope and expectation of all You have promised.


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