Why Advent is Important — learning to live in God’s Time

I just discovered  the “Story-formed Calendar” blog, devoted to helping people live in rhythm with the liturgical calendar.  In the “about” page of the blog, there’s a description of what it means to live in God’s time which is just marvelous, and I think describes extremely well why Advent is so important:

In God’s Time

God’s people have always been asked to live in God’s time.

Noah – waited for God’s timing for rain

Abraham – lived in God’s time waiting for a son

Moses – was told to watch for God’s time when the pillar of cloud/fire moved

David – trusted God’s timing to make him king

The prophets spoke forth God’s words, know that the timing of what they said was in God’s hands. The Jewish nation set up a calendar that kept them within the story of what God had done in their history. Celebrations, observances and festivals pointed to the fact that they lived in God’s time.

Even Jesus trusted God’s time. From beginning His public work to “the hour is near” and “it is finished”, He lived within the hours and minutes, days and months of God.

You can read the whole thing here.

Advent helps us to understand God’s time.  We review the prophecies of Christ’s first coming, and those about His second coming.  We are called to step back from the rush of the “holiday season” and reflect on God’s promises and purposes.  May the Lord teach us to trust Him more deeply and live in confidence of His promises and their fulfillment in His time as we wait on Him and spend time apart with Him this Advent.
You can find all the Advent posts at the Story-Formed Calendar blog here.  This looks like an excellent resource!


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