More Jesse Tree links!

jesse-treeOur “All About Jesse Trees” compilation of links to various resources has been a huge hit and has been far and away the most popular of all our Advent entries and resources so far this year.

I’ve just found another similar list of Jesse Tree resources, (they kindly link to Lent & Beyond, thanks!) which includes some beautiful pictures of Jesse Trees.

Take a look

I especially love the felt Jesse Tree banner pictured here.

You can find out how to make one like it at Festal Celebrations, which has to be one of the best Advent craft sites on the web!

I’ve updated our Jesse Tree resource post, but both these links deserved a separate top level entry.

A blessed Advent to all!

10 Responses to More Jesse Tree links!

  1. […] more great Jesse Tree links, including a drop dead gorgeous felt Jesse Tree banner! See our “More About Jesse Trees” post.  Note:  I’ve also provided alternate links for one of the excellent Jesse Tree […]

  2. Melissa says:

    Thank you for your info on the Jesse Tree. Have you ever done The Lenten Tree? Our Mom’s group through church are doing one and I was wondering if you had any links for that too?

  3. jenn says:

    This is a beautiful Jesse Tree! I’ve seen a few different ones and I really like this!!

    thanks for sharing!
    Jenn (free Christmas craft ebook!)

  4. Great idea for a christmas tree advent calendar!!!!

  5. Charmaine says:

    How would you compare a family tree to a Jesse tree?

  6. Augustine says:

    I have seen a few Jesse tree and they look beautiful. Thanks for the post. Very informative

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