On lighting the first Advent candle

I meant to post this lovely poem / meditation from the blog “A Faithful Path” yesterday, but got caught up in other things. But it’s still relevant all week as we light the first Advent candle on our wreaths each evening.


On The Lighting of Advent’s First Candle

One candle, one small light.

It seems so insignificant a gesture,

Drowned in the darkness that surrounds us.

War, poverty, disease, the age old enemies

That seem to be the lasting bane,

Which steal hope generation after generation.

“Oh, look on us, we pray!”

We strain to see, but our eyes so often fail.

We hope to be seen, but our hearts so often fail.

We remember!

But we light that one candle.

We light that candle

And we try to wipe the sleep from our eyes…

We stand in the paradox of waiting

For that which we have already received.

We come again to a day of longing, a moment of renewal,

The presence of a single candle to recall us to the light.

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I hope this blogger will continue posting other Advent meditations and prayers… I’ll keep checking!


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