Advent Favorites — Canon John Heidt: An Advent Meditation

Originally posted: Friday, December 2, 2005

Canon John Heidt: An Advent Meditation

Canon Heidt is the Canon Theologian for the Diocese of Fort Worth. This is taken from his blog Transfiguration.

art credit: web gallery of art. Sandro Botticelli, Adoration of the Child, 1495. Click here for background on this painting.


An Advent Meditation

By Canon John Heidt

A Virgin conceives and now gives birth
And God becomes a helpless child:
Infinity now in an infant found
And Majesty now on a manger throne
Becomes the site where angels sing.
Where a star leads wise men to a simple inn,
And turns this night into the world’s light.
For in cattle’s crib a child is born,
And the world’s turned upside down.

Another Christmas; the Christ Mass here
Where our labor and joys, the bread and the wine,
Become the flesh and blood of God.
Where souls and bodies offered to Him,
Become His living Body again.
For in us He is reborn today,
As first He was in Mary’s womb.
We are the manger where angels sing,
Simple children that wise men seek,
For On our altars God has come
And the world’s turned upside down.

Humility conquers the world’s pride
And kings pay homage to the servants of God
An Empire crumbles before a saintly man
Tyranny ridiculed by the world’s damned.
Peace conquers war; the poor become rich
The weak become strong and the wronged become right
For a child is born; a son is given
And nothing shall ever be the same again.


Graham Kendrick, a worship leader and prolific songwriter from the UK, also echos Canon Heidt’s refrain “nothing shall ever be the same again” in one of his Christmas songs:

So many centuries of watching and waiting
But when the moment came well nobody saw
Traders and travellers hurried by
And life went on just like before
Just like before
In all the clamour just a new baby crying
One more poor family shut out in the cold
Nothing unusual sad to say
Hasn’t it always been this way?

But nothing will ever be the same again
This night has changed everything
Nothing will ever be the same again
Since the night he came

You can read all the words here.
Listen to a clip of the song sung by Graham Kendrick here. [A longer clip sung by another artist is here.]

The poem and the song have both got me thinking… What do I need to allow Christ to change in my own life?


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