Primates’ meeting prayer index

From February 1 through February 5, the primates of the Anglican Communion will meet in Alexandria, Egypt.
List of primates
Addendum to primates list
First name lists of primates in attendance and of GAFCON primates council

Already posted are many general prayers, photographs, collects, and profiles on the newer primates (except South India, whose primate will not be attending). In a few days, we’ll post profiles on the longer-serving primates, as time allows. The single most important thing intercessors can do is to let their hearts be filled with praise. God inhabits the praises of His people.

Primates Picture Gallery and Prayers (new for 2009)
Part 1 (for viewing online)
Part 1 (Word Doc for download and printing)
(Part 2 will be posted later this week)

Individual primate profiles (new for 2009)
Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia
Central Africa
Central America
East African Revival provinces
Hong Kong
Indian Ocean
Jerusalem and the Middle East
North India
Papua New Guinea
South East Asia
Southern Africa
Southern Cone
West Africa
Western industrialized provinces
West Indies

General prayers
Attentiveness to the Holy Spirit
Chair of drafting committee
Veni, Creator Spiritus
Drafting committee
Hold back their feet
The Presentation
Come down, O Love divine
Break the power of curses
O Spirit of Life, O Spirit of God, Fill the primates with Common Prayer
O Spirit of Life, O Spirit of God, Point the primates to the Lord of the church
Intercessors for the primates meeting
Meeting organizers
John 14:26
O Spirit of Life, O Spirit of God, Bring cross-shaped love
Invoking the Holy Spirit, Northern Plains Anglicans
O Spirit of Life, O Spirit of God, Come to the aid
Praise & intercession
Beside the Mediterranean Sea
Your promises are backed by the honor of Your name
Ladder prayer
He remembers that we are dust
CAPA primates
GAFCON primates
Why are you crying (GAFCON primates)
A sealed fountain (GAFCON primates)
All night long
Peering through the lattice
Meet in mercy and truth (GAFCON primates)
Like perfume poured out (Global South primates)
Send a moist wind
Raise up intercessors
Resources for 2007 primates meeting
For the unity of the church, Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
Prayers for a synod, Anglican Fellowship of Prayer, Canada
Revive the church, a bidding prayer by Dr. Peter Toon
For Rowan Williams, a bidding prayer by Dr. Peter Toon
For the primates council, Baby Blue


4 Responses to Primates’ meeting prayer index

  1. I will pray the prayer that never fails: “May Thy will be done.”

  2. Floridian says:

    And, May Thy Kingdom Come on earth as it is in Heaven. Lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from evil…for Thy Name’s sake. Glorify Thyself in Thy Church, Our Savior, Redeemer, Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Heaven and Earth.

    Reveal Thyself as Risen and Victorious Captain of the Lord of Hosts.

    May each one present be willing to submit to Thee, to allow Thee to crucify and slay all pride, deception and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God.

  3. Floridian says:

    that is, Captain of the Armies of Heaven and Lord of Hosts

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