Spring calendar

The next few months will be a whirlwind of diocesan conventions, provincial synods in preparation for General Convention, a bishop election and a primate election, the Anglican Consultative Council meeting, and Lent. Please make additions or corrections in the comments.

Feb 19-20 Arkansas, West Texas, Lexington diocesan conventions
Feb 21 Northern Michigan bishop election
Feb 22 World Mission Sunday
Feb 22-27 International Anglican Women’s Network meeting, General Theological Seminary
Feb 25 Ash Wednesday, primates call for day of prayer for Zimbabwe
Feb 27 Easton, Kentucky, New Jersey diocesan conventions
Feb 27-28 Religion and the Media conference, EDS
Feb 27-Mar 1 Province V Campus Ministry and Young Adult Conference, Rochester, MI
Mar 1 consecration of bishop of Matabeleland
Mar 3-5 election of Melanesian primate
Mar 5 Virgin Islands, West Tennessee diocesan conventions
Mar 11 Niagara court appearance of 3 Nagara ANiC parishes
Mar 12 South Carolina diocesan convention
Mar 13-18 House of Bishops, Kanuga
Mar 18-21 Episcopal communicators conference, Camp Allen
Mar 21 Long Island diocesan convention
Mar 21 NW Texas bishop consecration
last week in March Covenant Design Group meets in England
Mar 26-28 AAC hosts Blueprint for New Church Conference
Mar 27 Delaware, Louisiana diocesan conventions
Apr 16-17 Communion Partners meet in Houston, TX
Apr 16-18 National ‘Episcopal Health Ministries conference, Omaha
Apr 17-18 Religion and the Media, EDS
Apr 20-22 Executive Council, Portland,ME
Apr 24-25 Western Michigan diocesan convention
Apr 24-25 Province I Synod
Apr 26-28 Province III Synod
May 1-13, Anglican Consultative Council in Kingston, Jamaica
May 1 Maryland diocesan convention
May 4-5 Province V Synod
May 7-8 Province II Synod
May 25 Court hearing on ownership of church properties in Vancouver, including St John’s Shaughnessy
May 31 installation of Melanesian primate
Jun 2-5 Province IV Synod
Jun 4-6 Ancient Wisdom, Anglican Futures conference, TESM
Jun 5-7 Albany diocesan convention
Jun 9-13 Province VI Synod
Jun 12-13 Central Pennsylvania, Navajoland
Jun 22-25 First Provincial Assembly of ACNA

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