An Appeal for Recommended Anglican Lenten Resources

Update: I’m glad to report there is now a Lent category at Anglican Mainstream.  You’ll find excellent daily Lenten devotionals here that are focused on the daily Anglican lectionary and include Anglican heritage reflections.  Highly recommended.


Below I’ve posted my Top Ten list of favorite online Lenten Resources.   These are all great resources.  But given that Lent & Beyond is billed as an “Anglican Prayer Blog,”  there’s a pretty glaring shortfall in that list.  Very few of the resources linked below are specifically Anglican.

In the overall scheme of things, that’s not such a big deal.  Over the years, I’ve been blessed and encouraged by Lenten resources from Roman Catholic sources, Orthodox sources, Lutheran sources, Evangelical sources, etc.  When it comes to Lent, one does not need to be strictly confessional / denominational.

BUT, we here at Lent & Beyond would like to promote and publicize excellent ANGLICAN resources as well.  Please get out the word.  And please leave comments or send us e-mails if you have good resources you can recommend for orthodox Anglican / Episcopal readers.  These resources could be either online or offline – books, sermons, devotional guides, study guides, liturgical materials, etc. etc.   Our e-mail address:

We would be particularly thrilled to have links to or copies of parish devotional guides, family Lenten worship guides, etc., and materials that center around the Anglican lectionary and daily office readings (either 1928, 1979, RCL or some other recognized Anglican lectionary).

Please help us out!  Thanks, and a blessed Lent to all our readers.


11 Responses to An Appeal for Recommended Anglican Lenten Resources

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  2. I’m working on coming up with some more-explicitly Anglican resources, having done some internet digging in the last 24 hours. I’ll post some links in the comments here first, and then when I have enough links for a longer post, I will create a new blog entry and post the link here.


  3. One good Anglican/Episcopal resource I’d forgotten about is from King of Peace Episcopal church in Georgia

    They have a short PDF booklet on Keeping a Holy Lent

    It’s short – basically a two-sided folded bulletin insert, but it does give a good simple overview of what Lent is all about.

  4. Another Anglican (CoE) Lent resource I’ve not yet linked this year is the CoE’s Love Life, Live Lent campaign

    I must confess after linking CoE’s first such campaign back in 2007 (I think it was 2007), I’m not quite so enthusiastic about linking this one. It’s “okay” in terms of getting people to do something active to improve their communities in Lent, certainly. But it seems a bit too dumbed-down for my tastes and not particularly Christ-centered.

    And besides, I think one must BUY the Lenten booklet this year. In the past there has been a daily Lenten action / activity posted on a website. I don’t think that’s being done this year, so I’m less keen on this whole site.

  5. From ACNS, a reminder that the Primates have called for prayer and fasting for Zimbabwe, tomorrow, Ash Wednesday:

    We’ll have a prayer for Zimbabwe posted here at Lent & Beyond

  6. Also from Derek Olsen at Haligweorc, two blog entries on fasting which he posted at Episcopal Cafe a year ago. Derek is one of the more orthodox contributors at Episcopal Cafe. I gained a lot of respect for him when he took a strong orthodox stand on the issue of Communion without Baptism.

    These really are worth checking out.

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  8. Trinity School for Ministry has produced a daily devotional for Lent written by students, faculty, staff and spouses. The devotional for each day is being published to our website. Just go to and click on the news item about the devotional and follow the links.

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