Our Top Ten Favorite Lent Resources

Update: I’m glad to report there is now a Lent category at Anglican Mainstream.  You’ll find excellent daily Lenten devotionals here that are focused on the daily Anglican lectionary and include Anglican heritage reflections.  Highly recommended.


I’m working on updating and reposting our longer list of Lenten Resources from our archives (last updated in 2007).  In the meantime, here are some of the best/ most helpful Lenten Resources that we have found online in the past 5 years.  Yes, this Lent marks the 5th anniversary of Lent & Beyond’s creation! Hard to believe!


1. Lent Categories here at Lent & Beyond:
All of our Lent entriesLent DevotionalsLent Prayers.   Lent QuotesLent ResourcesLent: Family & Children

(note: some of these categories do not yet contain posts, but by Wednesday, there will definitely be entries in all of these categories.  Thanks for your patience as we seek to repost dozens of Lent entries from our archives.)


2. Per Christum blog/Church Year.Net’s 2009 Lent Resources page:
This is one of the best collection of Lent Resources online.  If you check out no other link, check this out! It is a compilation of all the Lent resources posted at the ChurchYear.Net site which is an absolutely “MUST BOOKMARK” site for anyone who follows the Liturgical Calendar and wants to deepen their understanding of the seasons of the Church Year. Here’s just a partial list of the Church Year.Net resources linked at Per Christum:

All About Lent, Lent Prayers, All About Ash Wednesday, Ash Wednesday Prayers and Collects, Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan, Church Fathers Reading Plan (with texts), Orthodox Great Lent Prayers and Hymns, The Litany of the Precious Blood, The Great Litany (Anglican Use), The Decalogue, Seven Penitential Psalms (in English), Lenten Canticles and Hymns, Lent Reading List, Lent Fast Suggestions


3.  Liturgies.Net:  Lenten Readings & Collects
I personally have found the Liturgies.Net Lent website extremely helpful.  There is a short collect for each day of Lent and links to the daily lectionary readings online. Whenever I lack the energy or creativity to do anything else for Lenten daily devotional reading, this is a fantastic “fall back” site helping keep me focused on the basics.


4. Christian Resource Institute’s Lent Resources:
This is an excellent site that encourage Protestants from a non-Liturgical background to appreciate and celebrate Lent.  But don’t let that fool you.  There’s much here for us Anglicans and others who already know and love the lectionary and the Liturgy.

Start with their overview page:  The Season of Lent.  There you’ll find a good overview of the history and purpose of Lent, and many helpful links (look on the sidebar as well as in the text.)  Here are just a few of their helpful links: Daily Scripture Readings for Lent, Reflections on Ash Wednesday and Ash Wednesday Worship Service (adapted from the Book of Common Prayer). For Maundy Thursday:  Introduction to a Christian Seder and The Passover Seder for Christians. For Good Friday:  The Cross as a Journey (Stations of the Cross for Protestant Worship) and 14 Stations of the Cross. There is more here too… just do some digging and follow various links.


5.  “Keeping a Holy Lent” reflections from the now defunct Whitehall Blog.
Back in 2006, friend of this blog Fr. WB penned two blog entries which I continue to find deeply helpful in reminding me/us “What is Lent for?” and providing an excellent overview of traditional Lenten spiritual disciplines. Here is his Part 1 on “theory”: What is Lent For? and Part 2 on “practice”:  Keeping a Holy Lent


6.  Creighton University’s Praying Lent 2009:
As regular readers of L&B will know, for years I have been a BIG fan of the special Advent & Lent prayer pages which Creighton University produces each year.  They are excellent devotional resources.  Here is the Praying Lent 2009 page. Note:  this is a Roman Catholic site, so the lectionary used for each day’s prayers and devotions does not match the Episcopal/Anglican lectionary. Here’s how the site describes itself and what you’ll find there:

For centuries, the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist have guided our Lenten reflection.  Inspired by these liturgies, we offer a simply daily prayer for each day of Lent and the Easter Triduum.  Each day, we share the Opening Prayer text for that day’s liturgy.  This prayer is simple and, in many cases, memorable.  It alone could be repeated several times throughout the day.  We also offer a link to the readings of the day, a brief meditation, a link to the Daily Reflection for that day and Intercessions from the Liturgy of the Hours.  Each daily prayer concludes with a spontaneous prayer we composed, as an example of the type of prayer each of us might pray, in our own words, for that day.


7. Meditations and Prayers for Lent – including excellent Children’s Resources
Victor Hoagland and the Community of the Passionists as always have some excellent Lent resources.   Here is the Overview Page with links for each week of Lent. Note especially their special Lenten Resources for ChildrenHeart Prayer During Lent , Stations of the Cross for Children, Holy Week for Children, Heart Prayer During Holy Week, “The Easter Tree” – a six-part illustrated story providing a brief overview of the theme of salvation and why we celebrate the Cross.  Very nicely done.


8. RC.Net’s Readings and Meditations for Lent
Here is the index page.  There is a wealth of awesome resources here including a number of reading plans and meditations based on various sections of Scripture including:  The 10 Plagues, the Passover & Exodus, Hebrews, the Passion narratives. There are many other meditations and essays here, many of them illustrated.  Finally, don’t miss one of this site’s highlights:  the selection of Sermons by Early Church Fathers found on the bottom of the main page.


9. Three online Lenten daily devotional sites:
It’s hard to pick just one of these.  They’re each quite different.

EWTN Lenten Devotional site:  A scripture verse, a reflection, and a prayer for each day of Lent.  Simple yet not trite.

Scripture Union:  Word Live at Lent – for a number of years while in college & grad school I regularly read and greatly profited from some of Scripture Union’s devotional guides.  It looks like they now have an online daily multi-media devotional site called Word Live.  My internet connection is too poor at the moment for me to try it out, but based on my past experience with Scripture Union materials, I suggest this might be worth checking out. From the WordLive sylabbus, it looks like readings and devotionals throughout Lent will primarily be based in the books of John, 1 Corinthians, Amos and Nahum.

Note also that Scripture Union has a 5 week Lenten Study Course called “From Ram to Lamb” which explores the ways in which Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecy and the sacrificial system.

Journey to the Cross (the special Lenten Devotional series from d365.org).  We’ve been linking this site along with d365’s Advent site for a number of years.   Although I don’t visit this site that frequently, I do find it can be a very useful resource to help me pause and meditate on Scripture in the middle of a busy day.  (The instrumental music that accompanies each devotional is very soothing and helpful if one needs to “de-stress”).  Each day’s devotional is broken into 5 parts:  Pause, Listen, Think, Pray, Go.  The site is primarily geared for teens/college students, but still  a nice resource for adults.


10.  Church Fathers Lenten Reading Plan
Although this is technically covered by our link to all the ChurchYear.Net resources in #2 above, it is SO good and helpful it deserves its own link.  This is an incredibly fantastic resource!  A daily Lenten plan with readings from the Didache, St. Ignatius, St. Justin Martyr, St. Athanasius, St. Cyril of Jerusalem and more.  Here’s the overview of the Full Plan.  Here’s the link to the full 198 page PDF file with all the texts. Here’s a shorter version.


Runners Up: Other Favorite/Helpful Links for Lent

Lectionary Central (traditional Anglican lectionary, commentary and sermons for each week)

Common Prayer.Org (1928 BCP Daily Office online & Ordo Kalendar)

Satucket.Com (links to each day’s daily office and each Sunday’s lectionary readings.  (TEC 1979 BCP & RCL readings)

Pray as you go.  Daily short audio MP3 podcasts from the British Jesuits to help you pray through a daily Scripture passage.

– Holy Trinity ELCA church, New Rochelle, NY – seasonal resources & poetry:  Lent Page, Good Friday Page, Easter Page, Poetry Page

Lift Up Your Hearts: Comprehensive listing of Online Lent & Easter Resources

Textweek.Com’s Lent Links page (Use with caution.  There are some good resources linked here but also quite a few which are very revisionist/liberal, such as a long listing of “inclusive language” resources.)

Anglicans Online Lent Links page (also use with caution)

Scripture Union Lenten Resources.  Not too well organized, I had to do a search of the site to find these links.  But it looks like there is some good material here.

Classic Church Music Online

Let us know your favorite Lenten sites please!

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