From our Archives: Index of all the 2006 Anglican Bloggers Lenten Devotional posts

Back in 2006 Lent & Beyond hosted a special Lenten blogging collaboration by Anglican bloggers around the U.S. and some from overseas. The series produced a wealth of wonderful devotional reflections. All the posts were over at our now-defunct original blogsite and it would be very time-consuming to try and repost each entry here. However, I believe most of the posts should be accessible via the Internet Archive site (aka the Wayback machine).

Below I’ve posted a copy of the Index post to the entire 2006 Lenten Devotionals series, with each link pointing to an archived version of the original post. I trust this should make it possible to read most of these entries. Please comment if you are having trouble accessing something.


Index: 2006 Anglican Bloggers’ Lenten Devotional Series

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Way overdue. Here is an index of all the entries in last year’s Anglican Bloggers Lenten Devotional Series which we hosted here on Lent & Beyond. Entries are listed in chroniogical order as they were originally posted.


Shrove Tuesday
Captain Yips: Making Room in Our Imaginations for God

Ash Wednesday
Karen B: Seek the Lord and Live

All Too Common: Taking Up Our Cross Daily
Townsend Waddill: It’s Just Not Fair
Bob Hackendorf: Packing Light for the Journey of Lent

Lent Week 1:
Fr. Binks: A Meditation for the First Sunday in Lent
Rick Harris: I Tremble
Jeffrey Steel: Remember Lot’s Wife
Richard Kew: Are we like Joseph’s brothers?
Pat Dague: Thirst
David Ould: Being Molded by the Scriptures
Townsend Waddill: When Dreams Seemingly Don’t Come True
Eric Swensson: Praising God (on the way to the killing ground)

Lent Week 2:
Fr. Binky / Dr. Robert Crouse: A Sermon for Lent2
Rick Harris: Fools for Christ
From “Prydain”: Alexander McLaren on “David’s Cry for Pardon”
Jason Kranzusch: G.I. Joe on Pilgrimage
from All Too Common: Called to Devotion to God
Fr. Will Brown: “Peace! Be Still!”
Todd Granger: Jesus’ Victory Over Sin, Evil & Death

Lent Week 3:
Fr. Binky: “Like Flint, Not Jell-O”
Matt Kennedy: Holy Despair
Tim Fountain: Meditation for St. Joseph’s Day
Wilt Thou Forgive? — John Donne
Fr. Patrick Allen: Recalled to the Ordinary Things
Matt Kennedy: Dedicating Food to Idols
Rob Eaton: Face the Darkness, Bear the Light
Jill Woodliff: Called by His Name
Rob Eaton: A Chosen Life is Still Work

Lent Week 4:
Lenten Meditation: “Mothering Sunday”
Bishop Schofield on Repentance
Chip Johnson: Just Desserts
Matt Kennedy: Peter’s Cross
Captain Yips: A Contrite Heart
Todd Granger–The Name of this love is Jesus

Lent Week 5:
Fr. Binks – “Busted Sticks & Smokey Wicks”
Rather Not Blog: The Tyranny of Death
Captain Yips: Scattered Secrets
Douglas LeBlanc: Too much treasure on Earth
Jason Kranzusch: The Seven Words
Townsend Waddill: James, John & Us
Tim Fountain: Past Due


Palm Sunday:
David Ould: Enter the King

Holy Week: Monday – Wednesday
Rather Not: Lamentations
Pontifications: Holy Week Devotional links
Beautiful, Spit-covered faces
Clueless Christian: “Dust thou art…”

Maundy Thursday:
Jeffrey Steel: Maundy Thursday

Good Friday:
Good Friday: Strike the Shepherd and…
Sermon for Good Friday
David McCarthy: Eclipsed?

Holy Saturday
David Ould: Christ’s Descent into Hell
Brad Drell’s Easter Vigil Meditation

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