Lent around the blogosphere – 4

I’ve found all sorts of excellent Lenten reflections, poems, prayers, etc. around the blogosphere in recent days. Unfortunately two constraints — my limited time this week and the often very poor quality of my internet connection here — are making it hard for me to write up or share much of what I’ve found.

So, for today, I’ll simply highlight a few links to blogs that have routinely beautiful / inspiring Lenten reflections, without adding too much comment or excerpts from posts at these blogs.


Mrs Pogle’s World is a blog I discovered yesterday. She is doing a 40 Days of Prayer series for Lent, posting a prayer a day. For those looking for Lenten prayers, this series is definitely worth checking out.

It was this site where I found the fuller version of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer prayer which I had posted yesterday.  I also really liked the prayer of St. John Chrysostom for Day 3 of Lent.


The Story-Formed Calendar blog is one I’ve already linked a few times and which is included in our sidebar links. I highly recommend the Lent category of this blog. I’m sure you’ll continue to see links to entries from that blog in our posts here. It’s really nicely done.


I’ve perhaps not given enough attention here to Christine Sine’s Godspace blog and the Lenten “synchroblog” she’s coordinating.  Basically, Christine has rounded up 50+ bloggers who will be blogging during Lent and she will be regularly cross-posting entries from these blogs at her site.  She is particularly hoping that those of us who are participating (and I (Karen) signed up on behalf of Lent & Beyond) will tie the Lenten blog entries we send her way to the weekly themes of her 2009 Lenten Guide.  You’ll find all the Lent entries at Godspace here.


For several years during Advent & Lent, I’ve routinely linked to the Passionists website with seasonal reflections and prayers, some especially geared for children.  Most of those reflections and prayers have been written by Victor Hoagland, and yesterday, I discovered Victor Hoagland now has a blog.

I really liked the beginning of his entry from today “Praying with Christ” – it’s a good reminder we’re not alone in the “wilderness” of our Lenten journey.

The great background theme playing through our Lenten days is the story of the Exodus. Like the children of Israel guided by Moses, we go forward on our desert journey guided by Jesus Christ.

His presence with us is greater than the presence of Moses among the Israelites, however. Like branches on the vine he gathers us to himself.

He is with us when we pray, weak and stumbling as our prayer may be. Remember his presence in prayer, St. Cyprian says in today’s reading.  “Let the Son who lives in our hearts, be also on our lips.”


Beauty from Chaos is a dedicated blog for Lent.  I don’t know too much about the background or contributors.  I believe most of the contributors are Scottish, and I wonder if perhaps this might be the successor to the 2006 Scottish Lent blog which inspired our 2006 Anglican bloggers Lenten devotional collaboration on this side of the pond….  In any case, several of the Lenten entries they’ve posted so far have been quite stunning visually.  Given that my internet connection issues are making doing any illustrated posts a huge challenge, for those craving more visually-stimulating Lent meditations, this may be a blog to check out.  My favorite post so far is The Gate of Glory.


Another blog with good Lenten reflections which I discovered (or perhaps rediscovered… it seems familiar to me) is the Cruciform Life.  My favorite Lenten post there — and one which will no doubt reappear as a Lent quote here! — is this one:  Lent Calls Us to Put our Indifference to Death. Amen!


I’m sure I’m forgetting some blogs and things I wanted to highlight!  But this is enough for one afternoon.  It’s truly encouraging to see the depth & breadth of Lenten blogging.  I don’t recall seeing nearly so many Lent-focused blogs in years’ past.  Lent is definitely no-longer a season just for Catholics, Episcopalians or Lutherans… These blogs reveal that there is a hunger in Christians and churches — from all sorts of traditions — for silence, reflection, spiritual disciplines, and self-examination leading to repentance and transformation.  It’s great to see.

The problem for me now will be to not let all this Lent “noise” and all these voices distract me from the One whose Voice I most need to hear this season…

4 Responses to Lent around the blogosphere – 4

  1. Janine says:

    I hope you will take a peep at my blog.

    For the past several years I’ve been asked to contribute an essay to a Lenten Devotional at my local Episcopal Parish. Since I enjoy this, and I read the daily readings, my husband suggested I do write one daily as an exercise and I’ve put them on a blog. I’ve been doing this for about a month and I’d love it if you could take a look.

    Thank you for this blog, it’s a wonderful idea to show what is being done around the web and I have enjoyed looking at the sites you’ve named!

    Best wishes,

  2. Janine says:

    I’ve left one comment already but I don’t know whether it’s been posted anywhere. I’d love it if you could look at a blog I’ve started for Lent using the daily readings from the Episcopal church


    This is quite a wonderful idea to collect Lenten reflections from around the web; I’ve quite enjoyed looking at them all. (I hope I haven’t doubled my comments)
    Best wishes

    • Janine, apologies that your comments got caught in our spam filter. I’ve approved the comments, and when I get back online tomorrow (Sunday), I’ll look forward to checking out your blog.

      Have a blessed Lent,
      Karen B.

  3. Mrs.Pogle says:

    Thank you for the link! Thanks also for the links to some other lovely blogs 🙂

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