Lent Quotes: Christine Sine – What is Lent Preparing us For?

One of my new favorite blogs is Christine Sine’s Godspace. Chrisitine has published a Lenten Reflection guide and will soon be publishing an Easter celebration guide. In one of her recent blog posts she writes:

This morning however I am working on the Easter portion of A Journey into Wholeness which I should have ready to download at the beginning of next week. As a result I have been reflecting on”what is Lent preparing for?” It seems to me that for many of us Lent has become an end in itself and there is very little sense of what we celebrate it for. First I want to emphasize that Lent is not about preparation for the celebration of Stations of the Cross much as I enjoy participating in that experience. Nor is it even primarily a preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, even though this is the pivotal celebration of our faith.

Lent is primarily about preparing us to live in the world that Christ’s resurrection brought into being – the kingdom of God world – what I like to call God’s resurrection created world. it is about preparing us to follow the one who “transfigured the world with the Spirit of life.” (emphasis in the original)

She adds:

Imagine how our world could be transformed this Easter season if we took this preparation of Lent seriously for all of life and became the people that God intended us to be – resurrection life people who are committed to seeing the life of God’s kingdom flourish in every aspect of our world.

Things that clutter and consume

We lay them down

Attitudes that separate and divide

We lay them down

Thoughts that confuse and disrupt

We lay them down

Into the cycle of living and dying and rising again

We lay them down

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