The Lord’s Resistance Army

March 12, 2009

From the March 14 issue of World magazine–

“Kony thinks that the strategy of killing civilians will put pressure on the government of South Sudan to reopen the peace talks.” Never-ending peace talks may be just what Kony wants, according to Ngerre: “He has much to gain from this strategy. During the talks Kony gets free food and money. His wives and children are transported from Uganda to come and see him. He gets recognition. That is what he wants.”

Psalm 18
18 They confronted me in the day of my disaster,
but the LORD was my support.

19 He brought me out into a spacious place;
he rescued me because he delighted in me.

20 The LORD has dealt with me according to my righteousness;
according to the cleanness of my hands he has rewarded me.

21 For I have kept the ways of the LORD;
I have not done evil by turning from my God.

22 All his laws are before me;
I have not turned away from his decrees.

23 I have been blameless before him
and have kept myself from sin.

24 The LORD has rewarded me according to my righteousness,
according to the cleanness of my hands in his sight.

25 To the faithful you show yourself faithful,
to the blameless you show yourself blameless,

26 to the pure you show yourself pure,
but to the crooked you show yourself shrewd.

27 You save the humble
but bring low those whose eyes are haughty.

O Lord,
We cry out for the destruction, disruption, and displacement caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Support Your children, rescue them, and bring them out into a spacious place. Show Yourself shrewd to Joseph Kony and bring him low. Amen.

John 5:19-24

March 12, 2009

Then Jesus answered and said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of himself, but what he sees the Father do; for whatever he does, the Son also does in like manner.” (John 5:19)
      Father, we also want to enter into the son-ship of Jesus and do what pleases you.

“For the Father loves the Son, and shows him all things that he himself does; and he will show him greater works than these, that you may marvel.” (John 5:20)
      Father, please reveal and write on all our hearts the full measure of your love for Jesus and for us.

“For as the Father raises the dead and gives life to them, even so the Son gives life to whom he will.” (John 5:21)
      Jesus, please bring us to new life throughout this diocese.

“For the Father judges no one, but has committed all judgment to the Son,” (John 5:22)
      Jesus, the day of judgment is fast approaching; prepare our hearts for that day.

“that all should honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.” (John 5:23)
      Holy Spirit, please guide us in our words and deeds so that we bring honor to both the Father and the Son.

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes in him who sent me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.” (John 5:24)
      Holy Spirit, please help us use this Lenten time to prepare our hearts by hearing and believing your word. Thank you.

      A word received: Speak of my love. I call on my people to speak of my love. Pray for hearts that will respond to my love in all circumstances.

Thursday: [70], 71; Jeremiah 4:9-10,19-28; Romans 2:12-24; John 5:19-29
Friday: 69:1-23(24-30)31-38; Jeremiah 5:1-9; Romans 2:25-3:18; John 5:30-47

Albany Intercessor

Lent Quotes: Aelfric of Eynsham – Honor God not by Naked Words Alone

March 12, 2009

Ælfric of Eynsham, 10th-century English Benedictine monk, from a sermon

God gives forgiveness to penitent persons and illuminates their minds with his gentle forgiveness, and afterwards he comforts them, because he is the Spirit of Comfort. The test of our love for God is that we be kind to one another. In other words, God wants us to act, so we can honor him with our good works—not by naked words alone—because love is shown through action. If love isn’t willing to work, then it isn’t love.

Source:  Stretching our Souls, Christian History magazine


March 12, 2009

(Weds., March 11, 2009; 1-1:40 p.m. in front of Christ Church, Schenectady; Scott Underhill and Deacon Alan Hart. Note: Very lovely day; a bit breezy but warm — around 40 degrees. Lots of foot traffic today, which meant quite a few people stopped for prayer but quite a few, sadly, also declined.)

t–received wooden cross Torre Bissell gets from Dennis Adams of North Carolina.

BILL — This very friendly man has stopped before and also, I will never forget, came up to me after one of our funerals this winter at Christ Church after removing his hat as the casket passed in front of the corner where he was standing. He came up and told me he was sorry for us all. Today, Bill asked for prayer for his friend, MATT. Matt is traveling to the West Coast where he is about to become a policeman at a city there. Bill asked for prayers for safety and provision for his friend.

t–KRYSTAL and her daughter SHEKINAH — We nearly witnessed a horrible accident involving these two pedestrians. They were crossing State Street after coming out of the corner convenience store. Halfway across, a car in the first lane stopped to let them pass, but a driver speeding along in the inside lane was NOT slowing down and apparently did not see them. We were shouting in horror at what we thought was certainly coming. But … the driver stopped at the LAST second and the mother and daughter were spared. Thank God!!! When they reached the Table, Scott insisted they get prayers for thanks, and Krystal nodded. (She knew how close it was!) She wanted prayers for safety for all her children.

t,t,t — JOHN — This young man is a repeat visitor. He was riding past on his bike and stopped. He wanted prayers for his mother LOUISE, who has sugar diabetes, and for his father-in-law JOE, who has cancer of the kidneys. He did not want prayers for anything for himself.

(Man in a red coat) — This man did not stop but shouted to us as he passed, “Please pray for Barack Obama.” We did!

(Middle-aged man in a hurry) — He walked past swiftly but muttered to us, “I’d stop, guys … but I am on my way to a job interview. Gotta go!” We yelled after him that we would pray for him to have a successful job interview and that he will soon find work.

Note: AT this point, Scott told me about a verse he remembered from writings of Mother Theresa which goes something like, “Each of our lives are like a pencil in which are writing a love letter to God.” Sudden thought — What do you want to say to God with YOUR life? How is the letter going so far?

(The mailman) — We prayed for the mailman from a distance to be safe as he goes door-to-door.

(We prayed for a Fire Rescue truck speeding past us as traffic was stopped. We prayed that the incident would not result in lost lives or personal harm to anyone.)

t–RALPH — The “special” one of the day. Ralph is a homeless man who is in the midst of a run of horrible luck. Recently he was hit by a car on Central Avenue and injured his ankle, shin and knee. He was on his way to a doctor’s appointment to have the injuries checked. He also was robbed last night at a local motel; the thief stole his cellphone and some money. At least he was not stabbed and/or killed. We prayed for Ralph for a variety of things for quite awhile. He hopes to eventually get to North Carolina to live with his mother.

LESTER — You all know Lester by now. Today Lester appeared to be avoiding us on the other side of the street and did not stop. We prayed for him to be freed from his addiction to alcohol. (He was not walking well this day.)

(Young man walking past) — This man did not stop for prayer, but as he walked past us he blessed himself with the Sign of the Cross. This was a new one to us.

Albany Intercessor

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