(Weds., March 18, 2009, 1-1:40 p.m., in front of Christ Church, Schenectady; soon-to-be-deacon Scott Underhill and Deacon Alan Hart.)

Note: An afternoon straight out of the middle of May — 60 degrees, sunny. Not much foot traffic on State Street, though. And not many people stopped for prayer. Hard to figure why on a 10-degree, snowy day people will stop in droves but few will not come by on a Spring-like day. We just never know!

t– received one of the wooden crosses Torre gets from Dennis Adams of North Carolina.
c–accepted one of our yellow church cards. (Did not anoint anyone with Holy Oil today.)

t,t,c– PATRICIA — This pleasant, middle-aged woman wanted prayer for “economic stability.” She explained she lives on “a fixed income” and we prayed for God to provide for her and keep her safe. She also wanted prayers for her boyfriend, PATRICK. She took a cross for each of them.

t–HUGH — Another extremely pleasant 30-ish man. He took off his leather train engineer’s hat and asked for prayers ” … for a job and to have continued good health.” When we were done praying for him, Hugh said “Bless both of y’all.”

(Not sure of spelling of this name FISHTA or PHISHTA?) — This older Middle Eastern man rode by on the sidewalk on his bicycle in front of the Table, and he spotted the sign and turned around. He was very curious as to what we were doing. “What is your program?” he asked. There was a language barrier but we tried to make him understand we were just praying for people on the street. “Praying?” he asked. “Thank you … thank you so much!”

(Mailman) — We have two mailmen who we often see on this route and we always pray for them. One is very friendly, the other is very withdrawn and never speaks. This time we got the friendly one and he said to us something like “Top of the Charts to you boys today!” We prayed for his safety as he goes from door to door delivering the mail.

(girl on a cellphone) — Nice young woman who was talking on the cell slowed as she passed the Table. She shook her head negatively at our invitations for prayer, but as she walked away, Scott called out to her “God bless you.” She held the phone away and yelled back to Scott, “You too, Sweetheart!”

Albany Intercessor

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