Jeremiah 14:7-10

March 22, 2009

O LORD, though our iniquities testify against us, do it for your name’s sake; for our backslidings are many, we have sinned against you. (Jeremiah 14:7)
      Have mercy on us, Lord.

O the Hope of Israel, his savior in time of trouble, why should you be like a stranger in the land, and like a traveler who turns aside to tarry for a night? (Jeremiah 14:8 )
      Lord, our sins do testify against us; have mercy on us.

Why should you be like a man astonished, like a mighty one who cannot save? Yet you, O LORD, are in our midst, and we are called by your name; do not leave us! (Jeremiah 14:9)
      Jesus, come and rescue your people.

Thus says the LORD to this people: “Thus they have loved to wander; they have not restrained their feet. Therefore the LORD does not accept them; he will remember their iniquity now, and punish their sins.” (Jeremiah 14:10)
      Jesus, none of our sins are hidden from you; have mercy on us and redirect our steps back into your ways. Thank you.

      A word received: Pray for new life in my church and for my people. Pray for steadiness in my people — they wander here and there. Pray for hope to be written on their hearts.

Sunday: 66, 67; Jeremiah 14:1-9, 17-22; Gal. 4:21-5:1; Mark 8:11-21
Monday: 89:1-18; Jeremiah 16:10-21; Romans 7:1-12; John 6:1-15

Albany Intercessor

Lent Prayers: St. Ambrose – You are light when all is dark

March 22, 2009

Lord Jesus Christ,
you are for me medicine when I am sick;
you are my strength when I need help;
you are life itself when I fear death;
you are the way when I long for heaven;
you are light when all is dark;
you are my food when I need nourishment.

– Ambrose of Milan (340-397)

hattip: Kingdom People blog


March 22, 2009

Most Rev. Ian Ernest, Archbishop of the Province of the Indian Ocean, has called for prayers for Madagascar, which is undergoing political upheaval.

He rules forever by his power, his eyes watch the nations—
Psalm 66:7a

Turn Your eyes to Madagascar, dear Lord, and make Your face to shine upon Your people. Amen.

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