Lent Quotes: St. Cyril of Jerusalem – He vouchsafed salvation

originally posted April 2007

Lent Quotes: St. Cyril of Jerusalem

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O strange and inconceivable thing! We did not really die, we were not really buried, we were not really crucified and raised again, but our imitation was but a figure, while our salvation is in reality. Christ was actually crucified, and actually buried, and truly rose again; and all these things have been vouchsafed to us, that we, by imitation communicating in His sufferings, might gain salvation in reality. O surpassing loving-kindness! Christ received the nails in His undefiled hands and feet, and endured anguish; while to me without suffering or toil, by the fellowship of His pain He vouchsafed salvation.
–St. Cyril of Jerusalem

St. Cyril of Jerusalem helped formulate the doctrines which we today understand as basic creedal Christianity. He died in 386

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