A Few Easter Resources & Links

Lent & Beyond has been well-known for a number of years for our collection of Advent & Lent resources and links.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a collection of Easter resources, however.  Certainly we’ve never had an Easter resource category – sad since Easter is a 50 day church season, not just a one-day or one-week celebration!

I’m going to try to rectify that lack on our part this year.

Here are a few links to start the collection:  (links are in no particular order right now, just as I’ve come across them… I’ll be adding to this list over the next few days – keep checking back.)

1.  Via Lucis:  Stations of the Resurrection from the Liturgies.Net site.  How cool!  I’ve never heard of Stations of the Resurrection, what a great idea.

2. ChurchYear.Net’s Easter Page and Easter Prayers

3. Christine Sine’s Easter Guide (what it’s about), Download the guide – ideas for a family or church group to celebrate the 50 day Easter Season.  Here too is Christine’s Godspace blog Easter Category.  Of particular interest, Christine’s post with ideas for celebrating the 50 days of Easter.

4. Kendall Harmon’s Easter category at TitusOneNine. (His Holy Week category too has many wonderful poems and quotes and reflections.)

5.  Amy at “Splendor of the Ordinary” blog suggests taking an “Emmaus Walk

6. Creighton University has an excellent resource with daily prayers and reflections for each day of the Easter Octave.

more ideas and links to follow as I find them…

Our Lent & Beyond Easter Category is here.

5 Responses to A Few Easter Resources & Links

  1. Kerry says:

    I’ve been thinking the same thing, that I need to really celebrate all 50 days of the Easter season this year! I’ll be checking back to see any added links and I might have some of my own to offer.

    Blessed Easter!

    • Thanks Kerry! A Blessed Easter to you and your family as well.

      Isn’t it odd that (to my knowledge at least) we don’t normally do Anglican Easter blog “carnivals” as we do for Lent & Advent. We brace ourselves and build up all sorts of traditions for the “Penitential seasons” (though Advent and Christmas mingle and there’s much joy in Advent), but find it hard to celebrate the joyous seasons of Christmas (the 12 days) or Easter (50 days!!) to the full. Let’s change that this year!

      I’ll be thrilled to have your links or ideas!


  2. […] Prayers and Reflections for Each Day of the Easter Octave Below I’ve started a short compilation of Easter resources & links, but this one deserves highlighting as a stand-alone […]

  3. Alison Anderson says:

    Hi, we are looking for a lent liturgy to use with our lenten cross. We need a prayer or short meditation for each of the 7 sundays in lent/easter. We already have much of the visuals such as whip, robe, palm leaves, basin/towel, money bag, etc. Do you know where I can find something suitable? Thanks.

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