An Easter Prayer for the Persecuted Church

Scott Gilbreath (Nova Scotia Scott) had a wonderful post on Easter Sunday which touched my heart – A Prayer for Secret Believers.

Easter for Secret Believers

Our Father in heaven, may your family of believers around the world unite this weekend and glorify the risen Lord.

Whether we are

praying at a sunrise service
whispering in an underground church service
witnessing your creation at sunrise
watching a service from a hospital bed
singing in the choir
shivering in a prison cell
reading your Word with our family in secret


praying the Lord’s Prayer in a mosque

…we are the body of Christ.

And we worship you.

Hosanna in the highest!
Hosanna for evermore!

Go read the whole post and watch the video.

It’s so easy to forget those who are not free to celebrate Easter openly.  I know just a bit of what that’s like through my work in various Muslim areas of Africa…  As I was praying for some of the secret / persecuted believers I know, I was reminded of the final verse of a modern hymn written by Graham Kendrick a number of years ago.  The hymn “O Lord, the Clouds are Gathering” talks about the apparent triumph of evil in the world, but concludes as follows:

Yet, O Lord, Your glorious cross shall tower
Triumphant in this land,
Evil confounding.
Through the fire Your suffering church display
The glories of her Christ:
Praises resounding!



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