Easter Quotes – What happened on Easter?

This comment from Phil Snyder (of the Deacon’s slant blog) which he left at TitusOneNine the other day caught my eye.

A former Rector of mine once opened his Easter sermon with “If you ever ask a priest “What happened on Easter?” and the priest responds: “Well, that’s complicated…” run.  Do not walk; run away from that priest as fast as you can.

What happened on Easter?  God the Father raised Jesus Christ to new life.  “What” is not difficult.  “How,” on the other hand, is almost always difficult and we will never really know this side of heaven.  I know that God raised Jesus to defeat death and sin and to pay the price for my sins (and the sins of the whole world).  That’s all I need to know.  I don’t need to know how.

Even while we seek, like the Apostle Paul, to press on to more deeply know Christ and the power of His resurrection, may we never lose sight of the “simple” straightforward truth of the message of Easter.  May these truths never become trite or stale and may the Lord give us faith to truly believe in His victory.

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