Anglican Consultative Council

O Father,

In Your light we see light. Your Son Jesus is the source of living water–water that washes away our transgressions and bears our griefs and sorrows.

We lift up the participants in the Anglican Consultative Council–
Rowan, John, George, Anthony, Turi, Andrew, Robert, Sarah, Sunil, Joanildo, Martin, Stephen, Susan, Suzanne, James, Daniel, Maria, Kahwa, Joyce, Michael, Elizabeth, Rose, Peter, Razafindralambo, Michel, Kate, Maurice, Lawrence, Azad, Samson, Amos, Abraham, Merilyn, Sarai, San, Abraham, Abraham, Ashish, Vincent, Humphrey, Shahid, Floyd, Josias, Jane, John, Dato, John, Moses, J. M., Thabo, Janet, Ezekiel, Enock, Gerard, Mwita, Judith, Jolly, Catherine, Ian, Josephine, Christopher, Helen, Barton, Cornell, Kumara, Michael, George, Sarah, Maria, Carlos, Phillip, Mouneer, Katherine, Bill, and Barry. 
May they seek Your face in humility, confessing their sins.  May they honor You in their daily decisions leading up to the ACC meeting and throughout the meeting.  May living water flow through their hearts, refracting Your holy light, like droplets in a rainbow. May our church be healed.  Amen.


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