Victor Hoagland: The Thomas in All of Us

Victor Hoagland had a good meditation on the Apostle Thomas and a prayer for the renewal of our faith at his blog last week.  Here’s an excerpt:

That’s why Thomas, the apostle, whom we remember on the 2nd Sunday of Easter, is such an important figure. Far from being a lonely skeptic, an isolated dissenter, he represents the slowness of heart and mind, the recurrent skepticism, that affects us all.

His story, rather than raising doubts, is a reminder that the Risen Jesus offers, even to the most unconvinced, the power to believe.

Lord Jesus,
you showed your apostle Thomas
the wounds in your hands and side
and called him to believe in you,
as Lord and God.

Risen and present everywhere,
bless those who have not seen
and renew our world of doubt
and weakened faith.

Bless us, Lord, with the love
that flows from your wounds,
Renew our faith
and help us to grow
in believing in you.


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