Sudan menu

There is a wonderful plethora of prayer resources for Sudan. This list commences with L&B prayers in chronological order, followed by other resources.

Archbishop Deng’s election
Archbishop Deng at Lambeth Conference
History of Sudan
LRA–Spiritual warfare
LRA–Day of the Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Maridi memo
Call to fast for defeat of LRA
LRA–overcome the curse of slavery
LRA–Operation Lightning Thunder
LRA–trapdoor prayer
LRA–Psalm 17:1-7
LRA–Psalm 17:8-13
Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul
LRA–Psalm 17:15
LRA–Psalm 17:15
LRA–Psalm 18:1
LRA–Psalm 18:2-3
LRA–Psalm 18:4-6
LRA–Psalm 18:7-9a
Memos on relief for Maridi
New diocese
LRA–Psalm 18:10b-11
LRA–Psalm 18:16-17
LRA–Psalm 18:18-27
LRA–Psalm 18:28-29
Deliverance–completion of Psalm 18
Open a portal of blessing at the martyrs’ site
Spiritual warfare–Isaiah 42:12-17
LRA–Psalm 17:14, 18:9-10
Anti-genocide organizations
Psalm 34:15
Psalm 66:7
Psalm 123:1-2
Revelation 5:4-7
US envoy
Genesis 1:3
Psalm 25:15
Matthew 4:16
Update–Our brothers’ blood

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s prayer for Darfur
Archbishop Rowan Williams prayer for Darfur
Frontline Fellowship 52 week prayer guide
Sudan Advocacy Action Forum prayers
Testimony of a cease-fire that began during an ecumenical prayer initiative
Collection of prayers from World Mission Initiative
A prayer from St. Luke’s, Durham, NC
Christian Solidarity Worldwide booklet


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