Fr. Nigel Update 9:14 AM

Fr. Nigel Update 9:14 AM

Friday 12/4/09
Fr. Nigel Mumford continues to improve, bit by bit. Yesterday was an orientation day for him in his new surroundings, so he was meeting new doctors, nurses and staff. He continues to receive some help with oxygen as his lungs are not able to manage on their own just yet. He said that his brief time on his feet attempting to walk is much like Tim Conway on the 70s television show “Laugh In” – he shuffles along with his walker. Although he would like to be gaining more strength and time on his feet, his dizziness and nausea are continuing to plague him. The doctors are trying to discover what is causing this.

Fr. Nigel is in wonderful spirits and his sense of humor is ever evident. If you know Fr. Nigel, you will know that he is keen on humor in the healing process. He is anxious to build up his strength so that he can be home by Christmas, which would be a wonderful gift.

Please pray for:
      Immediate healing of the bedsore that is still causing him great discomfort
      Healing of whatever is causing the dizziness and nausea
      Complete healing and restoration of his lungs
      Regaining strength and use of his muscles
      Peace and stamina for Lynn

Please give Praise and Thanksgiving to our God who has answered our prayers.
Because Fr. Nigel is still susceptible to infection, there is still a No Visitor policy. Fr. Nigel knows how many people are praying for him and he knows how God has listened to your prayers. If he were able, Fr. Nigel would thank each of you personally for your prayers for him and for others. May God bless you for your faithfulness in prayer and your faithfulness to Him.

       From Beth Strickland

One Response to Fr. Nigel Update 9:14 AM

  1. Nancy D. Elder says:

    Father Nigel came to Christ Church, Greenville S.C several years ago. We had a wonderful seminar by him and I personally was very grateful for his prayers. One of my friends had knitted a prayer shawl for me and Fr. Nigel blessed it. It has been a tremendous comfort to me on many lonesome nights. It is as if God is right beside me. I have been, and shall continue, to pray several times a day for him as He is a special child of the Lord and we need him Please give him my love. Nancy D. Elder

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