A Prayer for Fr. Nigel’s Bedsore

Continue to lift up prayer for Father Nigel’s bedsore.

      Bedsores form when pressure prevents oxygen from reaching an area of soft tissue — causing cells to die, sometimes at a deep level erupting outward to the skin. During critical care in ICU the choice to preserve life often affects ordinary nursing practice of moving the body frequently, and bedsores can be a result of this choice for Life. A three-month prognosis for the healing of this wound indicates a serious bedsore. The intense pain Fr. Nigel feels (often a 9 or a 10 pain level) indicates that nerves were not damaged.

      The best cure comes from the body’s own regenerative power aided by careful nursing practice which promotes unimpeded blood and oxygen flow to the wound by keeping new pressure off the wound through frequent re-positioning of the body. The new bed will help tremendously.

      Father Nigel always counsels praying as specifically into a physical healing as possible – targeting, even pinpointing, prayer. Many of you have battled this kind of infirmity and have an intuitive sense of the need. Nevertheless, let all of us concentrate our prayer on asking the Lord to heal this wound.

A Prayer for Healing of the Bedsore

      Heavenly Father, we thank You for saving our friend’s life, and we ask now that you send your Holy Spirit’s power to renew and enliven all cells – skin and deep tissue alike – which have been traumatized by pressure during Fr. Nigel’s long stasis in coma. We pray that the healing power of Your Son Jesus may touch and rebuke this small but potent stronghold of pain and infirmity. Protect the wound from any invasion of infection. Repair capillaries which have been damaged and draw fresh blood to the healing wound. We pray for a visible reduction in the size of this bedsore, asking boldly for an astonishing shrinking of the circumference of the wound, of its depth, of any deep tissue involvement and of its pain.

      We thank you for the hands which chose life at every juncture of Fr. Nigel’s care in ICU — hands which gave substance to our prayer that You might spare his life. We pray now for the hands which choose healing for broken and traumatized flesh: for the hands that position our friend in bed while he builds up muscular strength in his lower body, that monitor for infection and check progress in healing, and that apply creams and medicine to the wound. May those medicines be salves of salvation in Jesus’ name.

      We praise You now, Father, for work begun and for the healing You are working even now in our friend. We lift all our petitions and offer thanks and praise in the name of God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

An Upstate Intercessor

3 Responses to A Prayer for Fr. Nigel’s Bedsore

  1. Eleanor from Canada says:


    (I found the following on line at http://www.thehealthierlife.co.UK along with many other mentions of the healing power of HONEY. For myself I’ve used honey over the years to ‘dissolve’ warts with great success. And the promised land is after all a land flowing with ‘milk and HONEY’ is it not?)

    praying for Nigel’s healing,
    Eleanor from Toronto, Canada

    “Honey helps heal pressure ulcers (bed sores)
    Its no secret that honey is good for you. Honey has been around for thousands of years even dating back to ancient Egypt where it was used as a sweetener, as offerings to their gods and in the mummifying process. The Greeks discovered honeys healing potential and used it as medicine.
    Today we will take a look at two studies that confirm the healing properties of honey and how it could be used in modern day medicine.
    The first study was conducted at the Woodfield Retirement Village in New South Wales, Australia, where the nursing staff were searching for an alternative remedy for treating pressure ulcers and leg ulcers among the patients in their nursing home. Pressure ulcers or bed sores often occur when elderly patients with poor vascular systems are bedridden.
    Two elderly men from the nursing home had honey alginate (gel) dressings applied to their pressure ulcers. The nurses found that both of the patients ulcers healed quickly and completely. The antibacterial properties of the honey also deodorised the sores and even helped reduce the level of pain felt while they were healing.
    Due to the success of the alternative treatment, the nursing home now uses honey alginate dressings as a standard treatment for chronic skin sores.
    This is the kind of result I love to hear about a natural remedy chosen over a mainstream medicine.”

  2. Kristin Posson says:

    I am grateful to be able to join in prayer(s) and receive updates for God’s healing of Nigel and tender care for his family at Lent & Beyond.

    I add this story and link for woundcare specialists.

    I have a neighbor who suffered with venous stasis ulcers. I went on a search to find some additional help for his condition. I came across Progressive Doctors and their Dermawound product. I ordered a jar of VS formula, delivered overnight. My friend experienced immediate relief of longstanding,intense pain upon application. As I assisted in the care and application for him, I witnessed the healing described “from the inside out”.
    May this information bring the gift of healing and the work of Love for all in need.

    The website gives clear detailed information of their various wound formulas.



    In His Love, peace and healing grace~


  3. Georgia says:

    As I was praying for Fr. Nigel, I also thought of honey. Ancient Egyptians also used honey to treat wounds.

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