Christmas feet

December 24, 2009

Then the lame shall leap like a deer. Isaiah 35:6

O Father,
I have contributed nothing to my salvation except the sin from which I need to be redeemed. My toes are stubbed and my feet are lame from kicking against the goads.
Yet, You, gracious Lord, have sent Your Son, and my feet leap upon the mountains! I lift my voice in song,

Good news! Jesus comes! Our God reigns! God has comforted His people and redeemed them. He is our salvation.
Hosanna in the highest! Glory to God! On earth peace to those on whom His favor rests.

Amen. Amen. Amen.
Quotation of Archbishop William Temple, Acts 26:14, Isaiah 52:7-10, Luke 2:14

Fr. Nigel Update 4:35 PM

December 24, 2009

Update on Fr. Nigel 4:35 PM
Wednesday 12/23/09

ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA Fr. Nigel is home. He was released from the hospital today — Thanks be to God! He will be recuperating for some time at home. He continues to be in pain from the bed sore, so please keep that in your prayers. He will be continuing to build his strength and rebuilding his lung capacity, but the fact that he is home is truly a miracle. Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers. Fr. Nigel has been upheld by them and has been healed by our Lord who has been hearing your prayers.

      Please pray for relief from the pain from the bed sore; building up of his strength in all of his muscles; complete healing of his lungs.
      Please also pray for Lynn for strength, patience, continued wisdom in managing all the medical needs, and our Lord’s peace.

May you all have a blessed Christmas knowing that our Lord became incarnate to save us from our sins — and Rejoice!

From Beth Strickland

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