Prayer Table Report

Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report December 26, 9:25-10:30 AM Torre Bissell and Don Foust

+–indicates received wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina.

Few people were walking through the snow on the day after Christmas. Many of those who stopped by the Prayer Table ventured out this morning only to come to the Prayer Table.

The Prayer Table has become a regular stop for a number of folks in the Neighborhood, and we have added their names to the bottom of the Prayer Table Report.

+Madeline“I need a prayer”. “I want to get closer to Jesus”. Madeline gave her life to Christ, asking forgiveness for sins. Please pray for Madeline as she begins her journey.

Jim (regular)“I had a great Christmas”. Jim spent Christmas with his widowed sister, her 3 daughters, and their children. We prayed for continued healing in Jim’s life. Jim has made so much progress in his journey toward the healing of his past. Please pray that Jim will continue to receive strength.

+Cassandra— This young woman became emotional as she began to pray. We prayed that the roof and porch on her house be fixed. We also prayed for happiness in her life. Please pray for God’s provision for Cassandra.

+ Donor to Christ Church and +his son— As has been the custom throughout the years a gentleman from a neighboring town pulled his van up next to Prayer Table, then he and his teen-aged son gave Christ Church a generous gift. Even though he is not a member of Christ Church, this man who had a “life-changing experience” at Christ Church continues to remember the Church. We gave thanks to God for this man’s generosity and for the example he sets for his son. Please pray for God’s faithful servants.

+Rose— This woman parked her car next to the Prayer Table and came for prayer. We prayed for good health and provision. Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart. Psalm 119:2.

+Deborah— This woman came directly from her apartment to the Payer Table for prayer, then returned to her apartment. “Thank God I’m alive.” “I don’t where I’ll be living next week.” We prayed that Deborah find a place to live next week. “I have faith.” “Everything is possible to one who has faith.” Mark 9:23.

Rick— We prayed for Rick’s father (Ronald) who is sick. Please pray for those who minister to their parents in their time of need.

Prayer Table Regulars

Kayla— Pray for healing in her life after being raped. Pray for her mother Laura, her son Nassir, her brother Josh, and Josh’s son Deanthony.

Jim–Pray for healing in his life from abusive parents and for his personal peace after the death of his 31 year old son Robert. Jim is bi-polar.

Bill–Pray for his health and no more epileptic seizures. This middle-aged man has lived alone; please pray for companionship.

Lucinada and Eddiberto–Pray for protection for their family

Paulette and her children Monique and Taishawn–Pray for provision for this family

Clarence–Pray for direction as he seeks to change his life.

Linda–Pray for her family in Guyana

Albany Intercessor

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