An excerpt from “On the Day called Epiphany Or the Manifestation of Our Blessed SAVIOUR to the Gentiles.” Composed by the Right Honourable Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery. Published 1681.

That Faith which to those Magi did Declare,
The Light which did Conduct, Them, was HIS STARR,
Made them, nor be Disgusted, nor Dismayd,
Seeing Their God in a Vile Manger Layd.
To their Inlightned Soules Faith made it Clear,
That His Blest Kingdom, was Above, not Here.
Nor Fear’d They their Bright Guide had them Beguil’d,
When th’ Ancient of Dayes, Seem’d but a Child;
All this to Those Wise men gave no Offence,
Their Sight of Faith, Triumph’d o’re that of Sense:
For no such Faith, as That in Them did Dwell,
Was to be Found, no, not in Israel.
They therefore worship JESUS, and then bring,
Gold, Myrrhe, and Incense to their Priest and King:
And as the Gentiles Representative,
They those Mysterious Presents to Him give.
Happy Those Easterns were, as well as Wise,
Who first Paid Christ, the Gentiles Sacrifice:
In various Wayes God did his Son Dispence,
The Old World saw by Faith; the New, by Sence.


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