Prayer Table Report

Christ Church Schenectady Prayer Table Report, February 13, 2010, 9:20 -10:30 AM Torre Bissell and Dave Carlson

+–indicates received wooden cross made by Dennis Adams of North Carolina.

+ Teresa — When asked what she wanted us to pray for she responded, “I don’t care” – she thanked us for praying for her

+ Brown — asked prayer for “everything”

Jim — Jim is one of our regulars that comes for prayer almost every week – he wanted to give thanks for how far God has brought him with his mental health

+ Teddy — asked us to pray “for a good day” – we prayed that the Lord would meet all his needs

+ Roselle — a mother with ++2 sons (1 middle school age, 1 high school) – stopped to ask prayer for her family

+ Francisco — he got a cell phone so he can keep in touch with his sister but has had trouble activating it; Torre called the phone company this morning and entered all the required info to get the phone working; Francisco was very grateful for the assistance and told us that a while back he was being threatened by someone in the neighborhood for no apparent reason; he came for prayer once at the prayer table and the threats ceased;

+ Melinda – asked prayer for a job; we asked the Lord to provide just the right job for her, one that would provide for her and her family

+ Marlene – one of our repeat visitors to the table, Marlene is a committed believer and said she is trusting God for financial provision – believing that 2010 will be her “year of Jubilee” – the Lord has given her several temp jobs lately for which she gave thanks

+ Kyron – and his middle-school age son + Antonio were waiting at the bus stop – they came over to the prayer table and Kyron asked prayer that he will be a witness for the Lord at work (he works in a barber shop)

+ Howard – asked prayer for a couple situations at work – he works as a maintenance man and he lost his set of work keys – we prayed that they would be found; he also has a difficult work relationship with his supervisor – we asked the Lord would bring peace into his work environment and help him to get along with his boss


Albany Intercessor

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