We’ve created this index of all Lent entries on the blog to help readers easily find the many different varieties of Lenten resources and devotionals we have posted in past years.

A Blessed Lent to all of our readers!

(last updated Feb 16, 2010)

1. Our Lent entries by category:

All of our Lent entries
Lent Devotionals
Lent: Family & Children
Lent Prayers
Lent Quotes
Lent Resources

Full index follows below


2. Index of All Posts
(With the exception of the resources list, entries are listed more or less in order of posting, most recent first)

a. Resources

Our Top Ten Favorite Lent Resources
Some NEW Lenten Resources to recommend
Update on Anglican Lent Resources
Lent for children & families: A Lenten version of a “Jesse Tree”
Index of all the 2006 Anglican Bloggers Lenten Devotional posts

Ash Wednesday Resources & Links
The Readings & Collect for Ash Wednesday
50 ideas for celebrating the 50 days of Easter
Lent Resource: 40 Days for Life
Lenten Sabbath Prayer Service for families
The Cyber Hymnal – An Essential Holy Week and Easter Resource
Trinity School for Ministry Daily Devotionals
Daily Lenten Devotionals at Anglican Mainstream
Recommended Lenten Resource: This Day in the Word
Giving up sin, not chocolate! (and an excellent set of questions for self examination)
Week 2 Lenten Devotional Guide Available
Church of the Resurrection: Lent 3 Devotionals
Great post on Lent & Kids at the Story-Formed blog
Fr. Stephen Freeman: Why we Fast
GAFCON Lenten Bible Studies “Way of the Cross” available
Phil at Deacon’s Slant – blogging on the 7 Deadly Sins
The Falls Church has a Lenten Devotional guide
An Appeal for Anglican Lenten Resources
Anglican Relief & Development’s Lenten Appeal
Lent around the blogosphere – 4
Lent around the blogosphere – 3
Lent Around the Blogosphere – 2
Lent around the blogosphere (updated)


b. Prayers

Preparation for Lent
A Lovely Lenten Prayer
Prayers based on the Seven Words from the Cross
St. Gregory the Great: Prayer of Acclaim to the Suffering Christ
A Prayer for Holy Week
Prayer and Songs for Palm Sunday: Ride on to die – the contrast between exuberance and sorrow
A Litany of Humility
Penitential Prayer of St. Augustine
Lenten Hymn to the Word
A Prayer of John Knox – help us not to receive thy word in vain
John Piper – Lord, Thicken Our Skin
An Eastern Lenten Prayer: Do not by sinning make the fast worthless
Lancelot Andrewes – A Prayer of Penitence
Turn Our Eyes to Your Cross
St. Ambrose – You are light when all is dark
May we Enter into the Mystery of Christ’s Sufferings
John Donne’s Wilt Thou Forgive?
John Wesley – O Let Me Turn Again and Live
Hear, O Lord (Attende Domine)
Richard Baxter – Keep me seeking after You
St. Thomas More – Give me grace to amend my life
Lenten Sabbath Prayer Service for families
St. Ignatius – the reward of knowing that we do thy will
A Communal Prayer of Confession
St. Ephraim the Syrian – Take away the spirit of laziness
Praying for our enemies
St. John Chrysostom – Let me love you as intensely as I have loved sin
St. Thomas Aquinas – Give light to my blindness
Dietrich Bonhoeffer – In Me there is Darkness, but with You there is Light
Arise Thou Sun Upon the Winter Landscape of My Heart
Charles Wesley – Make My Heart a House of Prayer
EB Pusey – May we weary of all which is not His
Lenten Prayer: to be freed from the seven deadly sins
St. Augustine – Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit
One blogger’s Daily Prayer for Lent
The Readings & Collect for Ash Wednesday
Ash Wednesday Prayers: Turn to us O Lord, and we shall be turned
St. Anselm – Grant us Grace to Desire You with a whole heart
Two Ash Wednesday Prayers
Charles Wesley: Christ Whose Glory Fills the Skies
St. Polycarp – Increase in us faith, truth and gentleness
Good Friday
Psalm 51:1-13 and The Comfortable Words
Prayer for a Holy Lent
Gregory of Nyssa on Prayer


c. Quotes

St. Cyril of Jerusalem – He vouchsafed salvation
JC Ryle – Our Mighty Substitute
That He might destroy the works of the devil
The Cross teaches us to hate sin
CS Lewis: Finding out how bad we are
Bp. John-David Schofield – The Gift of Repentance
Character is the product of daily actions
We live abundantly only if we know how to fast
Fasting shows that discipleship is always cruciform
Pope Benedict XVI – We are not spared dark nights
Sin is like the Trojan Horse
Henri Nouwen – when guilt becomes an idol
Gregory of Nyssa – Through prayer … we rid ourselves of vanity
John Newton – I am not what I once was
St. Peter Chrysologus – Fasting is the Soul of Prayer
Aelfric of Eynsham – Honor God not by Naked Words Alone
Thomas a Kempis: Now is the proper time for amendment
John Donne – It is your sin, your own sin
Christine Sine – What is Lent Preparing us For?
George Herbert – Lord instruct us to improve our fast
Abstaining from distraction
Bonaventure – ask to be taught, above all things, how to love
Bonhoeffer on Cheap vs. Costly Grace
The real question of Lent
Jean Pierre de Caussade – the active practice of fidelity
Henri Nouwen – How am I to let myself be found by Him?
Hesychios – Set your soul in quietness
Pope Benedict XVI on Fasting
Giving up sin, not chocolate! (and an excellent set of questions for self examination)
St. Macarius the Great – Make a Beginning Every Day
The purpose of spiritual disciplines
Teresa of Avila – bringing our wills into conformity with the will of God


d. Devotionals / Meditations:

Fr. Stephen Freeman – The Difficulty of Lent
Encouagement for Lent: John Donne’s Wilt Thou Forgive?
Matt Kennedy’s 2006 refection on Holy Despair
Lent Devotional by Dr. Leander Harding
Captain Yips – A Contrite Heart
Lent – Counting the Co$t
William Cowper: Jehovah Our Righteousness
TSM March 3 Devotional – Wayward Hearts & John Wesley
From our Archives: Seek the Lord and Live, an Ash Wednesday Devotional
Sleepers Awake! The Heart of Lent
An “emergent Catholic” reflects on prayer – “activity” vs. “meditation”
From our Archives: Index of all the 2006 Anglican Bloggers Lenten Devotional posts
Reflecting further on the juxtaposition of the Transfiguration & Lent
Preparing for Lent: What can I do before Lent begins?
Dr. Peter Toon reflects on Lent and justification by faith


e.  Holy Week Entries:

John Piper: A Conversation with Death on Good Friday
Prayers based on the Seven Words from the Cross
Good Friday Quotes: Oswald Chambers on the Cross
Good Friday Quotes – St. Theodore the Studite: Now a Tree Brings Life
The Scourging
St. Gregory the Great: Prayer of Acclaim to the Suffering Christ
Eden & Maundy Thursday – from the archives of Confessing Reader blog
Holy Week Sermon of St. Melito – God has been murdered
Holy Week Homily of St. Ephrem: Our Lord was Stripped that We Might be Clothed
Christine Sine: Reflections on Christ’s Triumphal Procession
A Prayer for Holy Week
The Cyber Hymnal – An Essential Holy Week and Easter Resource
Music and Prayer for Monday in Holy Week: Turn the Tables on Me
Prayer and Songs for Palm Sunday: Ride on to die – the contrast between exuberance and sorrow
Lent Prayers: A Litany of Humility
Good Friday


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  1. […] (Entries in each category are listed more or less in order of posting, most recent first.  These are only NEW entries for 2010.  For an index of Lent Posts from 2006-2009 see here) […]

  2. Pixie Melfi says:

    excellent list of resources!! I found just what I was looking for….thanks so much for this info. Peace, pmelfi

  3. […] ITEM: AS A THEOCRATIC CHRISTER, I’ve written on other venues in the past on Lenten topics. See the attached for that, and better stuff by other people. […]

  4. […] You can find our Lent 2006 – 2009 index here […]

  5. […] Lent 2006 – 2009 index […]

  6. […] Lent 2006 – 2009 index […]

  7. […] Index of all Lent posts 2006 – 2009 […]

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