Lent 2010 at Lent & Beyond

lentThis post is sticky. All new posts are below.

Lent 2010 officially begins on Feb. 17th and continues through April 3rd.  This page will stay at the top of the blog throughout Lent to help readers easily find the many different varieties of Lenten resources and devotionals we have posted.

A Blessed Lent to all of our readers! May the Lenten entries posted here be an encouragement to spiritual growth and may they exalt our Lord Jesus Christ.

We should have a Lenten prayer and/or quote just about every day of Lent.   So check back often!

All of our Lent entriesLent Posts Index 2006-2009Lent QuotesLent PrayersLent Devotionals Lent Resources . Lent: Family & Children . Our Top Ten Favorite Lent Resources .

2010 Index follows below


1.  Lent Posts for 2010 (complete!)

(Entries in each category are listed more or less in order of posting, most recent first.  These are only NEW entries for 2010.  For an index of Lent Posts from 2006-2009 see here)

A. Resources

Lent: Questions for the heart

Lent IV: Devotionals from Church of the Resurrection

Updated links for Lent Devotionals from Church of the Resurrection, Tampa

40 Ideas for Lent

Update: All TSM Lenten Devotional entries available

A great Lenten Reflection on Why We Fast

Hallelujah! Yay! Anglican Mainstream now has a Lent category!

TitusOneNine: Open thread on Parish Lenten Programs

Trinity School for Ministry: 2010 Lenten Devotionals

Lent Resources – An Online Lenten Calendar: “40 Ideas for 40 Days”

More on Lent for families / Lent in the home

An Idea for Lenten Reading: Signature Sins

Bishop Mark Lawrence: On Self Examination

Ideas for Lent Activities for Kids – from Story-formed blog

Daily Lenten meditations Anglican Mainstream / Church of the Resurrection

Ash Wednesday Index


Lent 2010 Around the Blogosphere

Lent and Ash Wednesday Activity Ideas for Families

Northern Plains Anglican: Daily Devotionals for Lent


b. Prayers

Miserere, My Maker

A Good Friday Prayer: Charles Spurgeon – the Wonders of Calvary

A Confession and Prayer for Palm Sunday – Hosanna! A Prayer for Salvation

A Lenten Prayer: Reveal as much of Your beauty to me as I can entertain

Lent Prayers: Call Us to Humility

Lent Prayers: Leave us Not in the Bondage of Any Sinful Inclination

Lent Prayers: Take sole possession of our hearts

Lenten Prayer: Help me cling to the cross and be crucified to the world

A Lenten Prayer: Prepare my soul with holiness

Lent Prayers: Charles Spurgeon – take away whatever would hinder our closest communion with God

Lent Prayers: William Cowper – help me to worship only thee

Lenten Prayers: Cleanse Us From Our Offenses

Lent Prayers: St. Ambrose – Give me a heart of flesh

Lent Prayers: Martin Luther – You are my righteousness, I am your sin

Lent Prayers: Thomas a Kempis – Grant me to love what I ought…

Lent Prayers: John Calvin – Rouse Us Daily by Your Words

A Prayer of Penitence

Lent Prayers: Help me walk in Your footsteps

An Eastern Orthodox Prayer: Shed your light upon our darkness

An Easter Prayer for Lent: Grant us to die daily to sin

A Lenten prayer based on Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions

Jehovah-Nissi: War with my sin today!

A Lenten Prayer of Confession Based on the Decalogue

Preparation for Lent

A Lovely Lenten prayer


c.  Quotes

Lent Quotes: Larry Crabb – The Holy Spirit Uses our Sorrows to Deepen Our Desire for Christ

Lent Quotes: St. Cyril of Jerusalem – The Change of Heart that Saves

Lent Quotes: Frederica Mathewes-Green – Repentance is the doorway to the spiritual life

Lent Quotes: Jesus embraced the cross with His whole heart

Lent Quotes: Remember Small Things Too

Lent Quotes: How Much Do We Thirst?

Lent Quotes: “Why I Need Lent”

Lent Quotes: Francois Fenelon – a silent movement of the heart towards Him will renew your strength

Lent Quotes: Frederick Buechner – Christ’s love sees us with terrible clarity

Lent Quotes: John Piper – Glorying in the Cross

Lent Quotes: Charles Spurgeon – being living biographies of Christ

Lent Quotes – Peter Ould: The Core of Christian Discipleship

Lent Quotes- St. Seraphim: a soul wholly concentrated in desire for God

Lent Quotes – The Cross … Rubs, Chafes and Hurts

Lent quotes: Amy Welborn – shattering walls, all for Love’s sake

Lent Quotes: The things that distract us from the crucial

Lent Quotes: Make your Lenten observance a gift to God

Lent Quotes: David Mills – Ash Wednesday’s Double Meaning

Lent Quotes: Louis Tarsitano – Repentance, a miraculous invitation from God


d. Devotionals / Meditations:

A Good Friday Hymn: In Evil Long I Took Delight

Palm Sunday

Jesus embraced the cross with His whole heart

A Lenten Meditation on Psalm 89

“What We Really Need When Life is Loud” – The Discipline of Silence

Bp. Mark Lawrence: “Who are these birds that can sing in the dark?”

Bishop Mark Lawrence: On Self Denial

A Lenten Reflection: The Battle For Control

A great Lenten Reflection on Why We Fast

Polycarp, Martyr– One of the Reasons We Can be Christians Today

Trinity School for Ministry: 2010 Lenten Devotionals

Bishop Mark Lawrence: On Self Examination

Dealing with Anger: Finding Strength in Weakness

What does God do with dust and ash?

Feb 19th Lenten Devotional

Northern Plains Anglicans – meditation on sin and the imitation of God

The Agony and the Sinner: Two Lenten Poems by George Herbert

Feb 18 Daily Lenten Devotional from Church of the Resurrection / Anglican Mainstream

Ruth Haley Barton: Inviting God to help shape our Lenten disciplines

Daily Lenten meditations Anglican Mainstream / Church of the Resurrection

Matt Kennedy: Advice on Lenten Disciplines

From our Archives: Fr. Stephen Freeman – The Difficulty of Lent


12 Responses to Lent 2010 at Lent & Beyond

  1. […] Reminder: Lent and Beyond is the place to go for Lent 2010 February 17 by Will I just wanted to post a reminder that over the years the good people at Lent and Beyond – An Anglican Prayer Blog have been invaluable in their compilation of resources for us to use during Lent.  Their “sticky” post for Lent 2010 can be found here: Lent 2010 at Lent and Beyond […]

  2. Just a note to all: I’ve not yet updated the Lent links sidebar for 2010. I’ll try to get to that on Thursday.

    I so appreciate all of those who have commented recently and sent such encouragement and have posted links to the Lent resources here.

    Please let us know if there are any resources we’ve missed or types of Lent posts that would be a blessing.

    Many folks seem to come here searching for Lent Quotes. I’m often better at finding prayers to post. We welcome readers’ submissions of quotes or other Lenten materials. You can email us: AnglicanPrayer@gmail.com

    – Karen

  3. […] quotes and prayers posted from Friday – Sunday, I don’t expect to be able to update the Lent 2010 index again until sometime on Sunday afternoon, as I’ll be offline all weekend.  So make good use […]

  4. […] Go browse the Lent 2010 index here. […]

  5. […] Hi all, I’ll be traveling for a few days and won’t have much internet access. So, the Lent 2010 index won’t be updated for the next week. But there WILL be daily Lent entries while I’m […]

  6. BookGirl says:

    “Make me a channel of your peace
    Where there is hatred, let me sow love
    Where there is injury, let me sow pardon
    Where there is doubt, let me sow faith”

    Just in time for Easter, the most religious of all Christian holidays, comes Spiritual writer Joann Davis’s new and timely book, THE BOOK OF THE SHEPHERD*. In her simple fable about a shepherd who goes on a journey to find a “new way” Davis explores the role personal action can play in making the world a more peaceful place. Writing about an unnamed past, Davis re-imagines the origin of one of the most popular prayers in Christianity, The Simple Prayer, and renames it the Law of Substitution. She creates a shepherd, a former slave and a young boy and sends them on an adventure that will test each of them in turn, meeting apocryphal figures like the Storyteller, the Apothecary, a Blind Man, and a Stranger whose stories, skills, and intentions help prepare the three for their final test. They will rely on each other in critical ways, learning first-hand about character, courage, and the priceless gifts that come with reckless generosity.

    Davis’s message of peace is the perfect topic as we approach Holy Week.

    *Named one of the best books in 2009 by Spirituality and Practice.

    Joann Davis has spent most of her career working with books. A former news editor at Publishers Weekly, an editor at the publishing imprints Warner Books, William Morrow, and HarperCollins, Davis acquired and edited a number of bestsellers, among them The Celestine Prophecy. Davis is the author of nine books including, The Best Things in Life Aren’t Things, What I Love Most About You, The Little Secret that Can Change Your Life, and A Friend is a Gift. Her books have been published in Italy, Mexico, Japan and Indonesia. She is married to New York Times bestselling author Kenneth C. Davis they have two grown children and divide their time between New York City and Dorset, Vermont.

  7. […] You can find our Lent 2010 index here [not quite complete, I will try to work to finalize it soon] […]

  8. […] Lent 2010 index [note: there was no special Lenten blogging in 2011] […]

  9. […] Lent 2010 index [note: there was no special Lenten blogging in 2011] […]

  10. […] Lent 2010 index [note:  no special Lenten blogging in 2011] […]

  11. […] Lent 2010 index [note: no special Lenten blogging in 2011] […]

  12. […] Index of 2010 Lent entries […]

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