March 3, 2010

Rev. Rob Eaton has posted a thoughtful reflection on being called by God and the subsequent impact on the body of Christ. The questions he poses are universal ones.

Apologies for the sparse Lent posts and index update delay

March 3, 2010

Hi all,
I (Karen) want to apologize for the sparse Lent devotional blogging this week, and the fact that I still haven’t updated the 2010 Lent index since last Thursday. We have had very little internet connectivity all week, and I have been caught up in a big work crisis, plus some expected heavy work demands. It all combines to keep me far from the blogs… But there are still quite a number of “pre-scheduled” Lent posts for the most of the next week. So do keep visiting the site. Maybe over the weekend I can catch up a bit on much I’d hoped to post.

Psalm 34:8-10 and Fr. Nigel Posting

March 3, 2010

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who trusts in him! (Psalm 34:8 )
      Father, it doesn’t matter how much water flows over us, if we don’t open our mouths to receive it, we will have gained nothing. Please help us open our hearts and minds to your word and Spirit — to taste and know your goodness.

Oh, fear the LORD, you his saints! there is no want to those who fear him. (Psalm 34:9)
      Lord Jesus, help us fear to offend you; help us choose you instead of the ways of the world.

The young lions lack and suffer hunger; but those who seek the LORD shall not lack any good thing. (Psalm 34:10)
      Holy Spirit, please help us seek after you and your ways. So fill us up that we will come to know Jesus in a new and fresh way, and we will know the Father’s love for us — it will be written on our hearts. Thank you.

      Words received for Sunday School lesson 23

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”. (Matthew 5:3) A word received: Come to me so that you will truly know your poverty and your need for me.

“Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:12) A word received: I want your joy to be complete. Look to me for joy that comes in the face of adversity and persecution.

Another parable he put forth to them, saying: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and sowed in his field, which indeed is the least of all the seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches.” (Matthew 13:31-32) A word received: Come, nest in the branches; come rest in my arms. Come to me; come find your shelter in me.

Another parable he spoke to them: “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal till it was all leavened.” (Matthew 13:33) A word received: I want my love to be mixed up with you life. I want to raise and leaven you as yeast does with dough.

Coming to him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, (1 Peter 2:4) A word received: Come to me; I AM waiting for you with open arms.

you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:5) A word received: Come to me, I will build you up on the sure foundation of my love. You are precious in my sight.

Wednesday: 119:73-96; Genesis 42:18-28; 1 Corinthians 5:9-6:8; Mark 4:1-20
Thursday: 74; Genesis 42:29-38; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20; Mark 4:21-34

      Notes from the Front Line

***** Date: Tue, 02 Mar 2010
From: Fr. Nigel Mumford+
Subject: 2nd day back, healing service report
      Ello and God-morrow to you all, Well, today we had our weekly healing service. I have not led one for 6 months! It was so good to be back. About 225 people came, standing room only! Lynn spoke so well and thanked people for the prayers, food, get well cards etc. I spoke on the dreams I had and the overall experience of being so ill and close to death and on being temporally disabled. I mentioned Psalm 23, “The valley of the shadow of death” and many other bible verses that touched and sustained me while in the hospitals. My OT from rehab, Julie, came… it was good to see her without the mask! What a blessed day. I came home and immediately went to sleep for the afternoon. I do thank all who came and for the love, prayers and best wishes that were palpable in church today.

      It is so good to be back.

      Someone from Tupper Lake gave me an amazing prophetic painting of me being upheld by angels as the hand of God touched my heart to heal me. I just had tears coming down my face when I saw it. Especially as I had just asked one of my prayer team to help me up after prayer by placing a hand under my head, just as the angel had her hand on my head… it was all very moving.

      Lynn and I feel very loved today as the outpouring of humanity and care fell over us from caring Christians.

      The bishop even gave a dispensation to say the ‘A” word and the “H” word today…. BRILLIANT…


      Please keep my lungs in your prayers as I slowly return to work 2 to 4 hrs a day, per doctors orders.

Be well.
God bless you,
Fr. Nigel+

The Rev. Nigel W D Mumford+
Director, The Oratory of Christ the healer,
Christ the King Spiritual Life Center
575 Burton Road, Greenwich, NY 12834

(518 )692-9550

Please visit our web site to find out more about the “Welcome Home Initiative” a healing program for returning combat veterans. “The war is far away, the damaged war torn souls are close to home” NM+

Please visit my Web Page (Updated 3 May 2009) for info on books &CD’s on healing.

Read an article on the healing ministry from Guideposts magazine at and

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Dame Julian of Norwich 1342-1416

Jesus said, “Preach the Kingdom and heal the sick.” Luke 9:2

Albany Intercessor

Lent Prayers: Martin Luther – You are my righteousness, I am your sin

March 3, 2010

Once again, I’m indebted to Trevin Wax at Kingdom People and his great compilation of prayers.  The following prayer from Martin Luther is based on a Romanian translation.

What great hope this prayer / statement of confession brings!  In Christ we can become what we were not.  Amen!

Lord Jesus,
You are my righteousness,
I am your sin.

You took on you what was mine;
yet set on me what was yours.

You became what you were not,
that I might become what I was not.

Martin Luther

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