Psalm 73:1-3 and a posting by Fr. Nigel Mumford

Truly God is good to Israel, to such as are pure in heart. (Psalm 73:1)
      Holy Spirit, please bring me to purity of heart.

But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled; my steps had nearly slipped. (Psalm 73:2)
      Lord Jesus, you know my offences — none are hidden from you — keep my feet steady on the pilgrim’s path to you.

For I was envious of the boastful, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked. (Psalm 73:3)
      Father, teach me to be content with your provision. Help me to daily rest in your arms. Thank you.

Thursday: 74; Genesis 42:29-38; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20; Mark 4:21-34
Friday: 73; Genesis 43:1-15; 1 Corinthians 7:1-9; Mark 4:35-41

      Notes from the Front Line

***** The Albany Episcopalian Magazine, Jan 2010

My Brush With Death
(How I lost 53 lbs on the Swine Flu diet!)

The Rev. Nigel Mumford+

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God.; trust also in me.
In my Fathers house are many mansions; if it were not so,
I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.

John 14:1-2

      For the Lamb at the center of the throne will be their shepherd; he will lead them to springs of living water. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.
Rev 7:17

      Thank you all so very much for your heartfelt prayers for my very life and for my healing of H1N1, pneumonia, secondary pneumonia and paralysis. Thank you also for praying for my wife Lynn and our family. You all have been so very kind. The out pouring of love has been amazing. How can I thank you all? The thing that has struck me the most is the kindness of people. So many cards, gifts, food, letters, notes and prayers, gosh it has been overwhelming. I have wept a lot over the past three months. I shall never forget the look in the eyes of the hospital secretary as she brought me a full ream of emails, saying, “Who are you?” More tears as I responded, “I guess I am a man who is loved!”

      It began last October with a simple cough and a visit to the emergency room. We were sent home with a puffer. I used the puffer and immediately collapsed with respiratory failure. Lynn dialed 911. I am not going to burden you with the whole medical story, most have followed what happened on line thanks to Beth Strickland. (Thanks Beth, great job). Needless to say I feel I have been to hell and back physically, and heaven and back spiritually. I was unable to pray when in a coma, the prayers of the people sustained me. I feel so close to the Lord now it is all very humbling.

      I have joked for many years that I have had nine near death experiences and if I was a cat I would be very nervous now. Well I am not a cat. I am a Christian who totally believes that when we pray something always happens. I am alive because of prayer I have no doubt of that. Even after ten near death experiences! Agnes Sanford writes about her near death experience in her book The Healing Light.

      Many have asked what I experienced while I was in a coma for three weeks. I had three “showings” that I feel I would like to share with you.

      The first “showing” was as if I was in the seventh heaven. I was encapsulated in darkness as if dead. Then I saw black sheets, huge black sheets, maybe 16×20 miles in size either side of me. Each very black sheet had tiny cutouts of people. Light shone through each cutout so brightly from the very light source of God. Each light the soul of those in heaven. I was very calm, but it really felt that I was being introduced to heaven, the whole company of heaven, angels and archangels the entirety of heaven… the very souls off millions of people, it was amazing. Lynn and I came to the conclusion that the people who walk in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow death a light has dawned. (Isaiah 9:2) I truly was in the shadow of death but my light had dawned. Thanks be to God.

      The second “showing” was of a Victorian dining room. I was alone sitting at a very large dark oak dining table waiting for the guest of honor, Jesus. It was as if I was waiting for a briefing in what heaven would be like. The room was green with dark wood. As I looked down upon the scene there was a large cylinder above my head also covered in green wall paper. It was the very size of the glass container that holds the femur of St. Therese of Lisieux. My favorite saint! I last saw that relic in the basilica of St. Therese in Lisieux, France in 1998. Why it was covered in green wall paper I have no idea.

      The third “Showing” was of grass with a raised modern house made of red steel and thick glass. Each separate room was diamond shape, upended, with three quarters of a floor suspended on the longest span all interconnected. The rooms were kept climate controlled by water, “Living Water” in the lower half of the diamond. In each room there was a gold chain with a gold spoon for drinking the never ending supply of “Living Water” which tasted so amazing, so good, I wish I had the vocabulary to describe how good it was but I can tell you it was more satisfying than anything I have experienced on earth. My conclusion: In my father house there are many mansions. I experienced two of those mansions. Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him. (John 7:38 ) The added feature was that there was a number eight painted in white on the red metal of the building. I was moved from ICU room number one where I was in the coma to room number eight. Coincidence? God-incidence?

      I have to say it is good to be home, and it is even better to be alive. This experience has been quite horrific to say the least buffered with love and Godly visits from the clergy and the care of my dear wife, with much prayer and laying on of hands. How do I feel now? Totally overwhelmed to be honest. When I hear the stories of many who saw me in a coma they make me weep. Godley men and woman kneeling down beside me and whispering prayers into my ears…pure compassion andd love with a multitude of faith. People were praying in the lobby of the hospital. Many wanted to see me but because of the numbers the hospital had to place limitations. Nurses that would quietly say, “I believe in God you know” so much care, so much compassion. One nurse went home the night I nearly died very troubled. She had a dream about me that night. She dreamed when she came to work the next day I would be sitting in bed with my arms behind my head saying, “Hello, I’m fine.” I am so glad that dream came true!

      I have seen the good side of humanity and Christians at their best praying for my very life. How can I say thank you?
I have wept so much, so many tears, of pain, frustration, sorrow, pure sadness and then pure joy at being alive. Tears shed for so many who suffer including my room mate in rehab who was dying of COPD. People of faith, I truly thank you for your prayers as I have no doubt that I would not be here if it were not for you and your prayers. My wife and I are truly grateful. I do challenge you however to keep on praying, lifting your faith, facing God and the very love of Jesus Christ who loves you very much, of this I have no doubt.
God bless you.
Be well, do good works and for the sake of God love one another.

Fr. Nigel+

PS. I did lose 53 lbs!

Albany Intercessor

5 Responses to Psalm 73:1-3 and a posting by Fr. Nigel Mumford

  1. Jill Woodliff says:

    Scriptures that came to me on reading of the wallpapered saint’s relic: Isaiah 60:18 and 1 Peter 2:5. Later, Isaiah 26:1.

  2. Georgia says:

    Holy visions from God are alive and complex like Scripture.

    Sometimes there are several layers of meaning for visions and Scripture that will resonate at different times, provide sustenance, peace and assurance, wisdom and understanding during different seasons and according to our needs.

    In the first vision, an alternate meaning could be that every person who prayed for Fr. Nigel pierced through the darkness to allow God’s light and life to flow to him.

    The color green signifies eternal life. The container covered in green above Fr. Nigel’s head may be the mortal soul that puts on eternal life…that was hovering above and outside him for a time while he was so ill and near death.

    The third vision of the house began with green grass (life) and a red house (the holy Blood of Jesus Christ) raised up (we are raised above earthly life to eternal life because of the blood and resurrection of Jesus Christ) with the number eight (eternity) in white (purity, sanctification) upon it. Note the three numbers in John 7:38. Seven the number of completion, three, the number of the Godhead and eight, the number and symbol of eternity.

    What beautiful visions! There may be many facets of truth and revelation within them, but each will align with God’s Word and purposes and will impart courage, strength, hope and peace, even visions and prophecies that contain warning and impending judgment also contain God’s mercy and willingness to forgive.

  3. court says:

    Some of us who were praying for Ft. Mumford — never having met him — noted amongst ourselves that 1) we sensed God would bring him through this ordeal and 2) use it for a ministry that is more vast that heretofor.
    We all always minister out of what God has delivered us from, and it is evident the Father did not want to take this man home to heaven just yet.
    May we all remind ourselves that when we are brought low by whatever affliction, it is for the working of God’s miracles and for us not to be delivered,once delivered from our ills, to a self-controlled life but a deepened Spirit-controlled life for what He deems to be His purpose.

  4. Kimberly Jackimowicz says:

    Dear Father Mumford,
    I am so very pleased to know that you are healed and are able to get back on track with your life. I prayed for you diligently as I looked at your picture on the back of your book, “Hand to Hand”, from combat to Healing. I imagined your kindness and God’s love surrounding you with His light and healing touch. I have continued to pray for you and I just received a copy of your letter from my sister in NY. I thank God for you and your healing.
    I met you a couple of years ago at Christ The King as I attended your healing service. I live in Lakeland, FL and I have Oromandibular dystonia. I have been doing better and I thank you for your prayers.
    I so enjoyed hearing of your experiences. God is Great!
    His will be done!
    In Christ’s Love,
    Kimberly Jackimowicz

  5. […] today, and the word ‘loosen’ came into my spirit. I reviewed his description of his showings, and they involved the senses of sight and taste, but not hearing–interesting for such a […]

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