New Hampshire

March 14, 2010

By the time of the Revolution many of the inhabitants of this colony had tired of British rule and were eager for independence. In Dec., 1774, a band of patriots overpowered Fort William and Mary (later Fort Constitution) and secured the arms and ammunition for their cause. New Hampshire was the first colony to declare its independence from Great Britain and to establish its own government (Jan., 1776).
New Hampshire is known as the Granite State. Granite is an igneous rock; the crystals of granite form while the molten material inside the Earth’s crust cools relatively slowly.

O Lord, may the people of New Hampshire be baptized with the Holy Spirit and with fire. Purge them from sin. Refine their faith to great luster and beauty, that they may have the mind of Christ and be living stones, built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.
Matthew 3:11, 1 Peter 2:5

Lent Quotes: St. Gregory – The Difficulty of Parting with Ourselves

March 14, 2010

Perhaps it is not after all so difficult for a man to part with his possessions, but it is certainly most difficult for him to part with himself. To renounce what one has is a minor thing; but to renounce what one is, that is asking a lot” — St. Gregory, Homilies on the Gospels.

found at Friday’s daily Lenten devotional posted at Anglican Mainstream

Revival in Sudan

March 14, 2010

In the Bible, the current nation of Sudan was known as Cush, Nubia, and Ethiopia. The country we now know as Ethiopia was originally called Abyssinia.

Habakkuk 3:2 (Amplified Bible)
Lord, I have heard the report of You and was afraid. O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make [Yourself] known! In wrath [earnestly] remember love, pity, and mercy.

O Lord!
How much more affliction must the tents of Cush undergo? Parade your power, O God, the power, O God, that made Your children what they are. We cry out for supernatural manifestations of Your power in the ancient land of Cush–visions, dreams, miracles of nature, signs, and wonders. Revive this land! Let Cush come running to God, her hands outstretched. May she turn to You and receive Your cleansing, refreshing, and restoration. Your holy prophets from ages past have spoken this, Lord. Let it be! Amen.
Habakkuk 3:7, Psalm 68:28,31-32, Acts 3:19-21

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