We are praying for our nation, one state a week. This recounts the first legislative assembly in the US:

The 22 burgesses, together with Governor Yeardley and the Council, met on July 30, 1619 in the church at Jamestown, because it was “the most convenient place . . . they could finde to sitt in.” . . .
The weather was unbearably hot and humid, and one burgess died during the session; nevertheless, the assembly did manage to cover several items on the agenda during its brief, six-day meeting. . . . the assembly approved the “greate Charter” of 1618, which had allowed for its creation. Next, the assembly adopted measures against drunkenness, idleness, and gambling. . . . On August 3, the assembly discussed “a thirde sorte of laws suche as might proceed out of every man’s priviate conceipt.” Here lies the power of the individual burgess to initiate legislation, and not simply to pass those laws proposed from above. The burgesses initiated and passed more legislation regulating relations with the Indians and the personal affairs of the colonists. The assembly even passed a law requiring compulsory church attendance. . . .

O Father,
We pray that the relationships of the people of the Commonwealth of Virginia and of our nation will be grounded in You. Amen.

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