Fourth Global South to South Encounter

Lent & Beyond has such awesome readers. This prayer is written by Georgia. Thanks for your contribution!

May The Father’s greatest blessings come upon the 4th Global South Encounter:
– The Presence, protection and power of the Holy Spirit
– A fresh Revelation of Jesus Christ as Lord and King.
– Humility
– Complete repentance, dying again to sin,
– Washing of water by the Word,
– Resurrection life.
– Love for God above all things, people and even life itself.
– Desire to bring glory only to Jesus Christ in His Church.
– A vision and fire
– A holy calling and testimony,
– Deep committment, dedication, consecration of whole self to fulfil God’s purposes.
– Encouragement from God and each other, for the participants, their spouses and families as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.
– New depth and intensity of faithful love for Christ and each other.
– Being built up in their most Holy Faith.
– New gifts and graces abounding
– New fire, increased love, fervent hope.
– Courage, conviction, clarity and compassion.
– The seal of the Cross, Blood and Spirit upon all that God does at this sacred meeting.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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