I was stirred by Cherie Wetzel’s account of the GSE4 Bible studies and by Bishop Rennis Ponniah’s instruction of his children. I began reflecting on the metaphor of a chemoport.
A chemoport is a small device implanted under the skin beneath the collar bone. A tube runs through a large vein from the port into the heart. The chemotherapeutic drugs for the treatment of cancer are injected through the skin directly into the port.

That [Christ] might sanctify and cleanse [the church] with the washing of water by the word. Ephesians 5:26

When the study of the Bible is the framework for daily living, it resembles the life-saving quality of a chemoport. The chemotherapy cleanses the body of cancer cells, but there is a toll to be paid from the side effects of the medication.
When we allow the Bible to interrogate our lives, it cleanses our spirit-man. We also pay a toll, by making sacrifices, but receive abundant life. Those parts of the Communion that gladly embrace such an infusion will not only survive but flourish.

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