1 Timothy 5:17-22

May 28, 2010

Let the elders who rule well be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in the word and doctrine. (1 Timothy 5:17)
      Father, help us honor and provide for all those elders who minister the word and sacraments to us.

For the Scripture says, “You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain,” and, “The laborer is worthy of his wages.” (1 Timothy 5:18 )
      Holy Spirit, please guide us in providing for the retired clergy and their spouses and widows.

Do not receive an accusation against an elder except from two or three witnesses. (1 Timothy 5:19)
      Jesus, you had false witnesses rise up against you, please stop the mouths of any who speak falsely against our clergy and lay leaders.

Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear. (1 Timothy 5:20)
      Holy Spirit, please guide Bishop Bill and Bishop Harold so that they will know when and how to discipline and encourage the clergy who serve in the Diocese of Albany and the Diocese of Down and Dromore.

I charge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the elect angels that you observe these things without prejudice, doing nothing with partiality. (1 Timothy 5:21)
      Holy Father, grant Bishop Bill and Bishop Harold wisdom and discernment about the ministry of all those who are committed their care.

Do not lay hands on anyone hastily, nor share in other people’s sins; keep yourself pure. (1 Timothy 5:22)
      Jesus, please guide the Bishop, the Standing Committee, and the Commission on Ministry: help them discern who should go forward to ordination and when that should happen. Thank you.

      A word received: Pray for righteousness.

Thursday: 37:19-42; Proverbs 21:30-22:6; 1 Timothy 4:1-16; Matthew 13:24-30
Friday: 35; Proverbs 23:19-21,29-24:2 1 Timothy 5:17-22(23-25) Matthew 13:31-35;;

      Notes from the Front Line

“God be with you till we meet again” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hvaysA1MYQ&feature=channel

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