Personal Prayer request from Fr. Nigel Mumford

Date: Mon, 31 May 2010 08:11
From: Fr. Nigel Mumford+
Subject: Personal Prayer request
My dear prayer warriors,

Thank you all again so very much for your prayers that saved my life.
Keep praying dear souls… it works.

I do need some follow up prayers please:

1) Please pray for the complete healing of my lungs, for the lining, for elasticity, that the scar tissue heals up.

2) For physical stamina = NRG!

3) For my muscles and tendons: that the low grade pain leave and that they are restored and strengthened by the Lord.

4) That I may speak without running out of breath mid sentence!

5) That I may speak boldly about what God is doing in the healing ministry today as I remind people that God is still very much in the business of healing, of this I have no doubt.

6) I am still on part time 2 to 4 hrs a day… please pray that I may have the strength to return to full time ministry, and one day play the bag pipes again

7) For the souls who died in combat I knew in the Royal Marines: David Allen, (NI) Jock, (Falklands) Derick Reed (NI, my drill instructor), One other in the Falklands killed by friendly fire, he forgot the password, and sadly I have forgotten his name.
For the wounded: Tom who lost both his legs and for Tim who was shot and wounded but lost his child when his wife found out that he had been shot, collateral damage! For all the souls lost in combat.

8) For revival of the healing ministry throughout the land.

Thank you so very much dear souls. I really do so appreciate your prayers.

I do so cherish your prayers.
Much love to you in Jesus name

Fr, Nigel Mumford+

4 Responses to Personal Prayer request from Fr. Nigel Mumford

  1. Roz Dixon says:

    Peace be with you! You are in my prayers daily and have been since we were at CHM for level 4. Look in the devotional that we all signed at Healing Winds for you (as Mike Evans came to declare the Kingdom and occupy for you until you are able to return to full time, full tilt ministry). Check out John 3:16 the page is illustrated with a scene from Lake Logan. My prayer is for the winds of the Spirit to blow a refreshing,recreating, powerful healing into your lungs, body, mind and spirit and that all power and virtue may rest upon you so that you may glorify the Lord with your testimony. Blessings Roz

  2. Mary Berry says:

    You have never left our prayer list or my prayers for your full recovery. It is helpful to have this update to know specifics to lift up in prayer. Blessings and peace.

  3. Lackelo says:

    1. Pray that God will provide college fees and a laptop computer for my son, Blackson.
    2. Pray that God will provide me, Lackelo with a God fearing husband

  4. nirmala peter says:

    Lord I beg for your intervention to restore my marriage,
    Please ask the Heavenly Father to restore my marriage. Fill us both with His grace and forgiveness. Pray that this may be the Father’s will.

    Please can you pray that my husband will have a supernatural encounter with our Lord and saviour Jesus
    Christ.That God will remove the scale from his eyes and heart,that all demonic spirits
    be cast out from him in the mighty name of JESUS.
    My husband wants divorce from me and I’m living with my parents now for the past 15 months.
    Also pray that God will reveal himself to his parents and siblings especially her mother who are encouraging him to obtain the divorce.
    Pray that they will turn from their ways and see the wrong that they are doing.Math 19:6 for what GOD has joined together let no man separate. I believe that all things are possible with GOD.

    Please LORD, also pour financial blessing over myself and my family. In Jesus name.

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